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After being prohibited from wearing shorts during the hot summer months, bus drivers in Sweden wore skirts to work, citing that since their women coworkers could wear skirts, it would be discriminatory to prohibit them from wearing skirts too.

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That, as a man, you can be arrested in Iran for wearing shorts.

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  1. The trend of baggy shorts in the NBA was started by Michael Jordan because he wanted to wear his UNC shorts under his Bulls shorts.

  2. In order to circumvent a ban on shorts, Swedish male train drivers have started wearing skirts to work.

  3. Nichelle Nichols did not dislike wearing Uhura's very short Starfleet uniform on 'Star Trek' (1966-1969). She later said, "I was wearing them on the street. What's wrong with wearing them on the air? I wore 'em on airplanes. It was the era of the miniskirt. Everybody wore miniskirts."

  4. Bobbi Gibb is the first woman to have run the entire Boston Marathon in 1966. At the time when women were banned from entering because of their gender,she entered the marathon wearing her brother’s Bermuda shorts and a hooded sweatshirt and finished the race unofficially.

  5. One of Hitler's ballsier associates once told him that his short mustache was unfashionable. Hitler responded by saying, "If it is not fashionable now, it will be because I wear it."

  6. When Hitler’s close associate Ernst Hanfstaengl told him that his short mustache was unfashionable, Hitler replied: “If it is not the fashion now, it will be because I wear it.”

  7. The first person to wear shorts at Wimbledon did so in 1932. His name was Henry Austin and it is said that he shocked Queen Mary.

  8. Professional golfers are not allowed to wear shorts in major tournaments

  9. Michael Jordan wearing his UNC shorts under his NBA shorts ultimately became the reason that the NBA changed from Short Shorts to Longer Shorts.

  10. US President William Henry Harrison served the shortest term in history at 31 days. Shortly after his inauguration he fell ill, and died. At the time it was believed his refusal to wear a coat during his 2 hour inauguration in a cold rain was to blame.

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A man named Wim Hof, known as the Ice Man whose baffled scientists for his ability to withstand cold temperatures. He's submerged himself at -20 degrees for an hour and a half and scaled Everest wearing nothing but shorts

Wim Hoff also knows as the Iceman ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water, climbed Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes, and can control his immune system and heal himself. Hoff states that any human is able to do the same. - source

Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) herself came up with her character’s denim short-shorts, leading to the garment being dubbed “Daisy Dukes”. The original plan was to have Daisy wear a miniskirt.

About French cavalry officer Pierre Mairesse-Lebrun, a POW who escaped from Colditz and made it to the German-Swiss Frontier with no food, money, maps or papers, wearing a vest, shorts and tennis shoes. - source

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Johnny Appleseed's orchard planting made him a wealthy man but he did not flaunt his wealth. Legend states that he wore potato sacks but that was not true. He often wore short pants and did not wear shoes.

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In 2004, current FIFA President Sepp Blatter recommended women footballers wear tighter shorts to increase the popularity of women's football. Pauline Cope, Charlton goalkeeper, said the comments were "typical of a bloke".

An American boxer tried to intimidate his Mexican opponent by wearing shorts with "America 1st" printed on them. He came 2nd.

All the khalsa sikhs wear five articles at all times called the "FIVE Ks". These are keski(turban used to cover uncovered hair), Kangha (small wooden comb), Kara (steel or iron bracelet), Kacchera (undergarment) and Kirpan (short dagger).

Its illegal to wear shorts in a French swimming pool.

In the 1950s, it was fashionable for men who wore shorts to wear knee high socks, often in colorful argyle styles. Between the long Bermuda shorts and the knee high socks, usually only the knee remained uncovered.

How to hide cellulite when wearing shorts?

Even after a short fall while wearing a fall arrest safety harness, you can become unconscious in as little as 15 minutes. Ultimately leading to death from lack of blood return from the legs.

Elaine Burton was the first woman to wear a pair of shorts at a track-and-field event in 1919

Wim Hof, also known as the ice man, has successfully climed Mount Kilamanjaro wearing only shorts and shoes, and held off his immune system reaction from fighting a virus purely by thought.

After Justin Bieber wears a pair of new boxer shorts, he throws them away and never wears them again.

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Saddam Hussein banned the wearing of Bermuda shorts because the exposed calf of a man "will inflame the passions of women and lead to immoral behaviour."

Australia has a popular Christmas song called "Santa Wear Your Shorts!" about celebrating Christmas in the southern hemisphere's summertime.

Bermuda shorts with a suit is accepted business wear in Bermuda and is actually a real thing

Citizens of Zaire were banned from wearing Western-style suits with shirt and tie to symbolize the break with their colonial past between 1972 and 1990. Instead men were encouraged to wear the abacost, a lightweight short-sleeved suit, worn without a tie

The Chicago White Sox were the first major league baseball team to wear shorts as a part of their uniforms in 1976 - and are considered to be the ugliest uniforms ever worn.

The Wim Hof Method, a seminar which focuses on cold exposure, breathing and meditation. Wim Hof - nicknamed The Iceman - once climbed Everest wearing only shorts and shoes, and will teach you methods to manipulate your body and mind to be happier, healthier and stronger.

A "redcap" is a a short, thickset old man and skinny fingers who haunts border forts and wears a hat stained with the blood of his victims. In scottish folklore.

Male Pro Golfers on the PGA tour aren't allowed to wear shorts.

Two woman wear shorts for first time and cause car accident in 1937 in Toronto.

A man has not only successfully completed a full marathon above the arctic circle wearing nothing but shorts, but also has devised a method for people to influence their own immune system.

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