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Khutulun was the original "warrior princess" a Mongol women who won 10,000 horses wrestling every man who wanted to marry her.

The tall cone-shaped “princess hat” is called a hennin. They originated with the warrior queens of Mongolia and became fashionable in Europe after Marco Polo brought one back from his travels.

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  1. A guy offended by the inclusion of Indian god Hanuman in Xena : Warrior princess episodes almost got them banned through a fax spam campaign. It failed when they found out he was just a white guy from New Zealand with a brain tumor.

  2. The team originally named Eris and its moon, Xena, and Gabrielle after characters in Xena: Warrior Princess but they have since been renamed Eris and Dysnomia.

  3. Zoë Bell, a New Zealander stuntwoman and actress who was a stunt double for Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess among others, has appeared in six Tarantino movies, the same as Samuel L. Jackson.

  4. The metal frisbee blade Xena Warrior Princess used is a real weapon invented by 16th century Sikhs, called a Chakkar, and they wore them on their turbans.

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