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Operation Wandering Soul, where American forces would play eerie sounds of voices and mourning, which the Viet Cong believed that if a dead soldier was not buried in its home territory it's spirit would wander the area moaning, causing the Viet Cong to think it was their dead ancestors.

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The U.S. military would broadcast an audio mix called “Wandering Soul” (also known as “Ghost Tape Number 10”) to try to persuade North Vietnamese troops to go home.

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  1. Operation "Wandering Soul" in the Vietnam War. Recordings of Americans pretending to be ghosts, urging the Vietcong to turn back or give up, were played through the forests at night. Audio in comments.

  2. "Operation Wandering Soul" - a recording played by the US in the Vietnam War to demoralise the Viet Cong.

  3. Operation Wandering Soul; where during the Vietnam War, US Forces would broadcast an eerie recording of the ghost of a Vietcong soldier mourning his poor choices

  4. Operation Wandering Soul. It was a psychological warfare method used by the US to frighten the Vietnamese soldiers. It was played in the middle of the night over the forests from big speakers in helicopters.

  5. The United States Military used Scary sounds with extremely disturbing messages under the operation "Wandering Souls" to drive away the Vietnamese Soldiers who were defending their position during the Vietnam War.

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