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John Francis, an American environmentalist, decided to stop speaking for a day to learn to listen better to his opponents. He turned it into a 17-year vow of silence. During those 17 years, he went to school and even earned a PhD.

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Actor Jon Bernthal took a long vow of silence, to prepare for his role as a mute in the movie 'Pilgrimage' which allowed him to discover some important lessons about human nature. "I learned how much time people spend talking and they’re not really saying anything, they’re just passing time."

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  1. The Northern Cheyenne Chiefs said they were sworn to keep a vow of silence about the Battle of Little Big for 100 summers and had never publicly issued their account before because they feared retribution from the U.S. Government . In 2005, 130 years later, they broke their silence

  2. Reading silently didn't happen until the dark ages, when monks took a vow of silence. Before that, reading was done aloud, which is why the Romans had no punctuation and instead, chanted words to rhythms. Reading silently uses an entirely different part of the brain.

  3. Monastic Sign Language" is not "a deaf sign language." It is a "second language" used as a "means of communicating while maintaining vows of silence."

  4. A man named John Francis took a 17-year-long vow of silence after seeing the destruction caused by an oil spill. He started a walking journey across the US, obtaining degrees in environmental science and a PhD in land resources.

  5. A Monk who made a vow of silence, rebuilt a 13th Century Spanish monastery in California, after finding the dismantled stones being used as park benches and garden barriers in San Francisco.

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