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IBM Had To Delete 'Urban Dictionary' Data from The Watson Super Computer System Because The Machine Started Cursing.

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IBM purged Urban Dictionary's data from IBM Watson's memory because it learned to swear

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  1. Urban Dictionary has been used in many court cases to define slang terms that are not found in dictionaries and that some states' DMVs refer to it to determine if certain license plates are appropriate or not

  2. To prepare IBM's Watson for Jeopardy, researchers inputted the entirety of Urban Dictionary. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of Watson adopting profanity. In one test, it even used the word "bullshit" to respond to a researcher's query.

  3. Some DMVs use Urban Dictionary to determine if license plates are appropriate or not.

  4. Courts are increasingly turning to website Urban Dictionary to clarify modern slang language. It has notably been used in a supreme court sexual harrassment case in Tennessee in 2013.

  5. IBM's artificially intelligent computer, Watson, learned to swear using the Urban Dictionary. Later, the Urban Dictionary was removed from its database and a swear filter was installed.

  6. Watson learned how to talk back to his IBM creators until they deleted the entire Urban Dictionary database from his memory bank.

  7. It is a widely believed urban legend that "Elizabethan" or "Shakespearean" English speech remained intact in USA's Appalachian region. It was so prevalent that the NC tourism division had leafleted a booklet titled "A Dictionary of the Queen's English" to help tourists learn the local dialect.

  8. IBM's Watson was originally programmed to use Urban Dictionary, but after responding with profanity, it was removed from its memory, and a swear filter was added.

  9. Urban Dictionary is sometimes used to define slang terms found in court cases and license plate registrations at the DMV.

  10. Slang word dictionaries (such as our modern day Urban Dictionary) have existed for well over 200 years. Francis Grose published his “Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue” in 1785.

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Didn't know the meaning of the word "Soccer Mom", so I created a word cloud of the terms from the definitions present on Urban Dictionary!

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The IBM super computer Watson learned to swear after being turned to examine the Urban Dictionary with a goal to add slang and colloquial sayings.

IBM once programmed supercomputer Watson to incorporate all the words and definitions from Urban Dictionary, but had to undo it when Watson soon began responding to researchers' questions with profanity. - source

IBM programmed Watson to use Urban Dictionary but ultimately had to remove it because Watson started cursing the programmers - source

Vujá dé means the opposite of Déjà vu — like nothing you've ever seen or felt before; an entirely new experience (according to Urban Dictionary). Google has 24K-147K results for Vujá dé, depending on how you separate the words or use quotes. George Carlin may have coined it. Click for vid.

Watson learned to swear from the Urban Dictionary and needed a swear filter installed because he was getting out of hand - source

Urban Dictionary is 18 years old. Fuck, guess I'm old too.

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Urban Dictionary uses ".php" in their URLs but doesn't use PHP anymore

You can listen to funny voice clips in Urban Dictionary's if you keep clicking on that speaker icon next to the word

Urban Dictionary: Patched and its variants

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