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A Dutch student once 'faked' a gap year as part of a university project to show how social media is not reflective of real life. Using edited/staged pictures, she created an illusion on Facebook she was travelling around South East Asia for over a month. In reality, she never left her apartment.

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Michigan State University will identify any insect, arthropod, plant, or weed for free if you send a picture of the specimen via email.

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  1. About the Trojan Room coffee pot at the University of Cambridge which is said to be the inspiration for the first webcam. In 1991 it put a live picture of the office coffee pot on peoples desktops pc’s of the local office LAN so people wouldn’t make a wasted trip.

  2. The first webcam was created to help people avoid pointless trips to the coffee room at the University of Cambridge. The camera provided a live 128×128 greyscale picture of the state of the coffee pot, which was located in the corridor just outside the so-called Trojan Room.

  3. Researchers at Cambridge University discovered that sheep prefer to go through doors with a picture of a smiling human over a door with a picture of an angry human

  4. The movie 'Charade' (1963) entered the public domain immediately upon release because Universal Pictures published it with an invalid copyright notice

  5. Leland Stanford hired photographer Eadweard Muybridge to prove that a horse lifts all four legs in the air while galloping. In the process, Muybridge invented the motion picture on a farm that would become Stanford University.

  6. The inspiration for the webcam came from a Computer Lab of the University of Cambridge. The cam was created to help people working in other parts of the building avoid pointless trips to the coffee pot by providing a live 128×128 greyscale picture of the state of the coffee pot.

  7. Universal Pictures failed to include a (c) in the credits of the 1963 Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn movie 'Charade'. As a result the film entered the public domain upon release in theaters.

  8. Universal Pictures, while marketing The Fourth Kind, created fake news stories of alien abductions and posted them online using the names of actual Alaskan news outlets. Those outlets sued, and won.

  9. The movies, that introduced the iconic images of Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster were released within just months of each other in 1931, both by Universal Pictures.

  10. Back To The Future almost didn't get made because it was rejected by every major film studio for 4 years. Robert Zemeckis pitched the concept of the film to Steven Spielberg and Spielberg set up a deal with Universal Pictures.

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Universal Pictures was so worried about the complex plot of David Lynch's Dune that they handed out a glossary with movie tickets.

Woody Allen attended New York University for Motion Picture Production but failed in 1953 and again in 1954 at City College. His grades were poor and he missed a lot of classes.

A study at Japan's Hiroshima University found looking at cute images with pleasant associations increases concentration. After looking at cute pictures, participants improved their performance at concentration tasks by an amazing 44% - source

The 40 Year Old Virgin was forced to stop filming by Universal Pictures after five days of shooting, allegedly due to concerns that the physical appearance of Carell's character resembled that of a serial killer

Universal Studios bought the E.T. script for $1 million from Columbia Pictures (which held it from Spielberg after putting it in a "turnaround") in exchange for the latter to retain 5% of the film's net profits. Columbia stated it made more money from E.T. than it did any of its films in 1982. - source

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Paramount Pictures, Consolidated Cigars, Sega, the New York Rangers, the Miss Universe competition and the Simmons Bed Company were all under the same ownership group, Gulf + Western

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Columbia Pictures traded the script of Back to the Future to Universal for the right to reuse the plot of Double Indemnity in the ill-received film "Big Trouble" (Not to be confused with Big Trouble in Little China, which was released the same year).

Universal pictures is doing a Woody Woodpecker movie...for Brazillians only.

Back to the Future character, Biff Tannen, was named after Ned Tanen, a Universal Pictures exec who behaved aggressively toward Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale during a script meeting for another movie

Universal Pictures founder, Carl Laemmle, saved around 300 Jewish families from the Holocaust, by sponsoring and paying for their emigration from Nazi Germany to the US in the 1930s

Smash Pictures tried to make a pornographic version of 50 Shades of Grey, but were sued by Universal Pictures and prevented from doing so because, quote, it was 'likely to cause...irreparable harm by poisoning public perception of the Fifty Shades Trilogy'.

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This guy between August 30th 1998 and August 19th 1999 photographed the Sun 36 times on a single frame of 60-mm film. The pictures were taken exactly at 5:45 UT (Universal time) of every tenth day.

In 1973, Turkey made a knock-off film of the first Star Trek episode with fairly accurate sets. This was technically the first movie set in the Star Trek universe, as Star Trek: the Motion Picture didn't come out until 6 years later.

The Great Satan Comcast owns Universal Pictures, SyFy, MSNBC, Dreamworks and about a thousand other companies.

Universal Pictures has recently announced a sequel to the 1988 movie "Twins" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito entitled "Triplets" wherein Eddie Murphy is discovered to their missing third sibling.

The greatest american universities used to take naked pictures of their students for nearly 40 years

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Universal Pictures almost pulled the plug on The 40-Year-Old Virgin five days into filming because Steve Carell looked too much like a serial killer.

Universal Pictures is the first studio to have three movies each cross 1 Billion dollars in a single year.

At 3 million dollars, Phantasm 2 was the lowest budgeted film Universal Pictures produced in the 1980s, even though it had the largest budget of any film in the Phantasm franchise.

In 1872 Leland Stanford, who would later found Stanford University, hired a photographer to settle a bet - whether or not a horse went completely airborne while running. As a result Eadweard Muybridge created the first moving pictures and Stanford won the bet.

The Fast and Furious" title was actually from the 1955 movie by American International Pictures. Producer Neal H. Moritz and Universal Pictures had to license the exact title for the 2001 film because they believed it to be suitable out of the other four proposed ones.

In '76 Universal Pictures made a movie about a sniper on a killing spree at a football game called Two-Minute Warning. This box-office bomb was so violent and crass Roger Ebert said it was "a cheerfully unashamed exploitation of two of our great national preoccupations, pro football and guns."

In 1984, Universal Studios traded the "Big Trouble" film project in exchange for the script rights to "Back to the Future" from Columbia Pictures which wanted the former due to being similiar to the 1944 film "Double Indemnity" and after putting Back to the Future on a turnaround since 1981.

Because Universal Pictures declined to pay Finish film rating authorities, DVD copies of Little House on the Prairie are rated Adults Only in Finland

Just how small we are in this universe. When we look in the sky, we see stars from just one of the countless number of galaxies in the universe. The picture captured by the Hubble puts it in perspective.

In order to produce Big Trouble, Columbia Pictures had to trade the script of Back in the Future to Universal Pictures because of its similarity to a film made nearly forty years ago

This guy between August 30th 1998 and August 19th 1999 photographed the Sun 36 times on a single frame of 60-mm film. The pictures were taken exactly at 5:45 UT (Universal time) of every tenth day.

A Dutch student once ‘faked’ a gap year as part of a university project to show how social media is not a reflection of real life. Using edited/staged pictures, she created an illusion on Facebook she was travelling around South East Asia for over a month, even convincing her friends and family.

At a Trump University seminar, students were told they could have pictures taken with Donald Trump, it turned out to be a cardboard cutout

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