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In the Siberian wilderness lives a woman named Agafia Laikov, a 70 old woman who is the last survivor of a ultra orthodox sect that fled Stalins prosecution and had no contact with outsiders for 40 years, not hearing about world war2 until the 1980's

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews made up approximately 8% of Israel's population in 2005, but will make up 17% of the population in 2020, due to very high birth rates and religious retention rates

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  1. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspapers sometimes edit women out of photos for modesty reasons

  2. Kiryas Joel, an ultra-Orthodox suburb of NYC, has the highest poverty rate, youngest median age population, and has a growth rate beyond that of any other town in America.

  3. About the Neturei Karta, an anti-zionist ultra orthodox jewish group how is against the state of Israel.

  4. 11 baby boys were infected with herpes following an ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual called Metzitzah b’peh, in which the Mohel puts his mouth directly on the babies circumcised penis and sucks away the blood. Ten babies were , two developed brain damage and two died.

  5. The ultra Orthodox practice of metzitzah b’peh requires a rabbi to suck the blood from a baby boy's circumcised penis.

  6. Meir Porush, an Israeli lawmaker, proclaimed that "Ultra Orthodox students won't serve in the army even if you put them in handcuffs!" He proceeded to handcuff himself to the podium, against protocol, but forgot the keys. Security had to disassemble the lectern before ejecting him.

  7. There a small sect of ultra-Orthodox Judaism where women choose wear the burqa.

  8. There is a ritual in some Ultra Orthodox Jewish communities called metzitzah b’peh where the mohel uses his mouth to suck blood away from the incision on an infant’s penis after a circumcision and the practice has been spreading herpes.

  9. There is an ultra-orthodox Jewish circumcision practice called 'Oral Suction Circumcision' and it involves the Mohel using his mouth to suck away the blood from an infant's freshly circumcised penis... since 2000, 17 infants in NYC contracted herpes from an infected Mohel, of whom 2 died

  10. The ultra orthodox Jewish ritual of the Rabbi sucking the blood from the circumcised babies penis that has spread herpes

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