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The world's largest tunnel-boring machine is stuck underneath Seattle.

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The underground streetcar system in San Francisco passes through the hull of a buried ship after tunnel boring crews discovered it when extending the line in the mid 1990s

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  1. Construction workers in Seattle had to dig a huge pit 120 feet down under part of the city to recover the cutting head of the world's largest tunnel boring machine after its bearings failed. The machine is 326 feet long, has a cutting head over 57 feet wide, and weighs 6700 tons.

  2. Elon Musk started a company called "The Boring Company" for digging tunnels

  3. The Hawks Nest Tunnel disaster was one of the worst industrial accidents in the US. Between 476 & 1,000 workers eventually died of silicosis in the 1930s after a silica vein was struck boring the tunnel.

  4. The Channel Tunnel was bored from both ends towards the middle. When the two bored holes met for the first time, they were only out of alignment by about 30cm horizontally and about 8cm vertically

  5. A Tunnel-Boring Machine not only drills tunnels but removes the soil and rocks on an internal conveyor belt and places the concrete rings after that

  6. Elon Musk started a company while bored in traffic to build tunnels called "The Boring company"

  7. The tunnel through Yerba Buena Island that links the eastern and western spans of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (and carries two decks of traffic) is the world's largest single-bore tunnel, as it was when it opened in the fall of 1936.

  8. On 2004 one of the boring machines that made the Chunnel (UK-France Channel tunnel) was sold online for only £39.999/€46.500/$52.700. Shipping was not included.

  9. The design of modern tunnel boring machines was inspired by the behavior of Shipworms who are able to drill through wood without being crushed

  10. The largest tunnel-boring machine, nicknamed "Bertha," is 400 feet long and weighs 9.5 million pounds.

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They bored a MASSIVE tunnel through the city of Niagara Falls, and nobody really noticed. - source

One of the tunnel-boring machines used for the English channel tunnel was left buried at the end of the project - source

NASA has considered launching spaceships out of a tunnel bored into the top of a mountain using a rocket powered sled.

Elon Musk starting digging a tunnel in the middle of LA because he was sick of traffic. He named the company "The Boring Company." The company will start working on government contracts in the future. - source

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Elon Musk Will Begin Digging His "Boring Company" Tunnel in About A Month

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