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Human’s trophic level (or place on the food chain) is a mere 2.2 on a 1-5 scale, with apex predators such as lions and great white sharks at a 5. We rank even with pigs and anchovies.

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About trophic levels and the "ten percent" law, which holds that for each step up the food chain you go, you lose 90% of the efficiency of the previous level, meaning herbivores consume 10% of the energy produced by plants and apex predators only consume .01%

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  1. Ecologists calculated exactly where humans rank on the food chain. We are between pigs and anchovies with a trophic level of 2.21 on a scale from 1-5 (trophic levels describe the position of species in a food web).

  2. Despite how we call ourselves "Super Predators", humans are only 2.2 on the Trophic Level while Polar Bears, Tigers, Killer Whales, etc. are a 5.

  3. It's very debated if humans are actually apex predators, since the trophic level (what kind of food we eat in our diet) of any culture of humans is variable instead of constant like other animals.

  4. Ecological pyramids begin with producers on the bottom (such as plants) and proceed through the various trophic levels (such as herbivores that eat plants, then carnivores that eat flesh, then omnivores that eat both plants and flesh, and so on). The highest level is the top of the food chain.

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