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Red titi monkeys form monog­a­mous pairs, mating for many years. They can have up to 3 gen­er­a­tions of off­spring liv­ing in the fam­ily group at any time. Male and fe­male pairs sleep to­gether and often en­twine their tails dur­ing sleep. Male par­ents are the main care­givers.

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Some of the mammal species found within Tayrona National Park including howler monkeys, titi monkeys, jaguars, and squirrels, as well as reptile species including iguanas and other lizards.

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  1. A black-fronted titi monkey’s alarm call can vary with information regarding a predator’s location and size. Researchers discovered a rising-pitch alarm signified a treetop-based threat while a fall-pitch indicated a ground-based one.

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