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1.) cannabinoids such as THC and CBD protect hemp and marijuana plants from UV rays much like sunscreen protects human skin from UV rays and 2.) the sails that carried European colonizers across the world are made from the hemp fiber.

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Even CBD Isolate can cause a false positive drug test for THC if a specific deriviative compound is used for the test. (TFAA)

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  1. Why THC makes me High while CBD without PsychoActive

  2. Indoor & Outdoor Grow Operations for #MMJ Cannabis Cultivation - #THC from seedling to harvest #CBD

  3. THC induces cognitive and affective abnormalities in the brain, but co-administration of CBD with THC prevents these abnormalities, counteracting "many of the anxiety and emotional memory processing disturbances caused by THC."

  4. A company called Foria released a vaginal suppository with thc and cbd with no psychoactive effects to combat menstrual pain

thc cbd facts
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