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Steve Jobs' birth father was a Syrian Muslim whose wife immigrated to the United States to give her baby a chance at a new life through relevant

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Steve Jobs's biological father is an Syrian immigrant and his American biological mother gave him up for adoption because she was not allowed to marry a Muslim

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  1. Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian Muslim immigrant

  2. The first documented account of cannibalism was in 1098, after a successful siege and capture of the Syrian city Ma’arra, Christian soldiers ate the flesh of local Muslims.

  3. The 1976 Islamist uprising in Syria, which was led by the Muslim Brotherhood and ended in 1982 with Syrian forces bombing the town of Hama, killing between 20,000 and 40,000 people in just one month.

  4. A Syrian Muslim who celebrated 9/11 attacks is now employed in Homeland Security.

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