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About Cliff Young, a 61 year-old farmer who won the inaugural Sydney-to-Melbourne ultramarathon against a field of world-class athletes, in overalls and boots

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A 61 year old potato farmer won the inaugural Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon, a distance of 875 kilometres (544 mi). Almost two days faster than the previous record for any run between Sydney and Melbourne.

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  1. A 61 Year Old Farmer, Cliff Young won a Sydney-to-Melbourne (875 kilometers) endurance race because he ran throughout the night while the younger 'professional' athletes slept.

  2. Cliff Young, a 61 year-old Australian farmer, who won a 875 km (544 mi) 1983 ultra marathon from Sydney to Melbourne by running for 5 days, 15 hours, and 4 minutes. He did this in overalls and boots—and without his dentures, which he said rattled in his head when he ran.

  3. Half of the entire population of Australia lives in three cities Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. There are only 46 cities and towns in Australia with over 30,000 people.

  4. A 61-year-old potato farmer, Cliffy Young, won the Sydney to Melbourne Ultra marathon in 1983. Running 875 kilometres (544 mi), out running world record holders and becoming an Australian icon.

  5. The Summer Olympics have been hosted in Australia twice; Melbourne in 1956; Sydney in 2000.

  6. The largest city in Australia is Sydney, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

  7. Australian politician Sir Billy Snedden died of a heart attack while having sex with his son's ex-girlfriend. Melbourne newspaper The Truth headlined its report "Snedden died on the job", while the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Snedden was wearing a condom and that "it was loaded"

  8. 61 year old Cliff Young ran a 544 mile marathon from Sydney to Melbourne in 5 days without stopping. He beat every runner and set a new world record.

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In 2013 Cliff Young, 61 Year Old Farmer, won a Sydney-to-Melbourne (875 kilometers) endurance race because he ran throughout the night while the younger 'professional' athletes slept.

A 61 year old potato farmer from Australia managed to win an ultramarathon from Sydney to Melbourne(875 kilometers) because he made the decision to continue running while the others went to sleep. - source

Canberra, not Sydney or Melbourne, is the capital of Australia - source

About Cliff Young, a 61-year-old farmer who won the 1983 Sydney to Melbourne ultra-marathon because he didn't know he was supposed to stop and sleep during the five day race.

The capital of Australia is Canberra, not Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, or any other Australian city I had ever heard of. - source

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