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Kristen Wiig was almost Sweet Dee on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Kaitlin Olson and Wiig were neck-and-neck for the part, with the role ultimately going to Olson. Kristen Wiig joined SNL later that same year.

After filming the FX pilot for Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the original Sweet Dee wasn't casted largely due to her relationship ending with Rob McElhenney. She was then replaced by Kaitlin Olson who later went on to date and marry McElhenney.

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  1. IRL, Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is married to "Sweet Dee" (Kaitlin Olsen). Meanwhile, "The Waitress"(Mary Elizabeth Ellis) is married to Charlie IRL.

  2. Rob McElhenney's girlfriend was originally set to play Sweet Dee, but was recast when they broke up

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