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When an aggressive schizophrenic man became so violent that formal psychological testing couldn't be done, doctors preformed a CT scan, discovering a brain tumor. They surgically removed it, and he was schizophrenia-free two weeks later.

how are kidney stones removed surgically?

Bruce Lee had his underarm sweat glands surgically removed in 1972 because he thought underarm sweat was unphotogenic on film. It’s theorized this may have contributed to his death through a heat stroke exacerbating the cerebral edema that killed him.

What is surgically removed during an atherectomy?

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  1. In 1935 a recently-captured shark vomited up a tatooed human arm. When a medical examination of the arm revealed it had not been bitten off by the shark but had been removed from its body in a non-surgical procedure, the focus of the investigation turned to murder.

  2. A paedophile had a brain tumor removed and with it, his paedophillic tendencies. When the tumor grew again in the same spot, his paedophile urges grew once more, and disappeared once again after the second growth was surgically removed.

  3. Antler growth tissue if surgically removed and grafted to another part of the deer’s body, an antler will grow there.

  4. The French Olympian Violette Morris was not only a lesbian, a heavy smoker, and part of the Gestapo, but also surgically removed her breasts so she could race cars more effectively.

  5. In a 7-hour operation, a 17-year-old had 232 of his teeth surgically removed

  6. Nepalese eye doctor, Dr. Sanduk Ruit, pioneered a surgical technique that restores eyesight without stitches in 5 minutes and has removed 100,000 cataracts from this procedure on poverty stricken people over his 30 year career.

  7. Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a rare genetic disease that gradually turns your entire body into bone. Surgical removal of the bone only causes more bone to grow in its place.

  8. 17th century Italian biologist Francesco Redi found that tortoise's brains are so small and irrelevant that when he surgically removed them, they could continue to live for up to six months. When he entirely decapitated one, it still lived for 23 days.

  9. The discovery of insulin, and the mechanism underlying diabetes, was prompted by the observation that ants were attracted to the urine of dogs that were missing their (surgically removed) pancreas.

  10. The film inside the SR-71’s camera was five inches wide and two miles long. Once a SR-71 returned, the photo-maintenance division removed the film and cut it into 500-foot long segments. Then they would put on surgical gloves and go up and down the lines, inspecting this massive roll of film.

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What to expect when getting wisdom teeth surgically removed?

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In 2008 a woman was found living on her toilet seat for over 2 years. Her body eventually grew around the seat requiring surgical removal

The chainsaw was invented in 1830 to make the widening or partial removal of the pelvis easier and faster during childbirth. It was later used for invitations and other surgical procedures. This evolved into a woodworking tool when people noticed how quickly and easily it cut through most things - source

The kidney transplant procedure does not remove the barely functioning existing kidneys, as removal has been shown to increase the rates of surgical morbidity. So people with kidney transplant procedures go about with three kidneys while the donor only has one. - source

Researchers have found rats that underwent the surgical removal of the uterus with ovaries left intact had a memory deficit, suggesting the uterus might have functions beyond reproduction. The surgical removal of just the uterus had a unique and negative effect on working memory.

Wound botulism occurs when the spores created by clostridium botulinum are able to get into a wound. Under low oxygen conditions (anaerobic) the spores reproduce and illness results. In some cases the infected area needs to be surgically removed.

When should hemorrhoids be surgically removed?

The Candiru, a parasitic fish that is rumored to "jump" into human urethras, where it will stay until surgically removed

How are adenoids removed surgically?

A python in Australia swallowed salad tongs and had to have them surgically removed.

Lead singer of The Ramones Joey Ramone, was born with a parasitic twin, a malformed Siamese twin growing out of his back. The twin was incomplete and thus it was surgically removed.

Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin attached to his shoulder. It was about the size of a softball, and was surgically removed

In January 2012, a man named Dante Autullo accidentally shot a 3½-inch nail directly into his brain, not even aware that he had while working in his garage. The nail wasn't surgically removed until 36 hours later when a X-ray scan of his head stunned about a dozen extremely surprised doctors.

Tonsils can grow back after being surgically removed

When do hemorrhoids need to be surgically removed?

Acrylic prosthetic eyes [ "glass" eyes ] in adults need to be replaced every five to seven years after the first one or two years following the surgical removal of the eye.

Eating unripe persimmons can cause a woody structure to grow in your stomach. If large enough, it may need to be surgically removed, or dissolved with Coca-Cola.

"hysteria" comes from the greek word for "uterus" and "female hysteria" was often treated with a hysterectomy, a surgical removal of the uterus.

Mao Sugiyama, a man who held a dinner party in 2012 with his surgically removed penis served to guests as the main course

A South African man had to have his wedding ring surgically removed after he put it on his penis for erotic reasons

How is a sebaceous cyst surgically removed?

Nullo' or 'Smoothie' refers to extreme body modification where all genitalia is surgically removed. Most identify as eunuchs

In 2012 a Japanese performance artist, Mao Sugiyama, had his genitals surgically removed and later served them at a dinner party to 5 paying guests.

the first surgeon to successfully treat lung cancer by pneumonectomy (surgical removal of a lung), died of lung cancer himself.

The infamous Dr. Henry Andrews Cotton had a firmly held belief that mental health problems could be treated by employing surgical methods. To him, insanity was caused by untreated bodily infections, which then resulted in the removal of organs, muscles, etc..suspected of harboring infection.

Kidney stones were surgically removed as early as 1520 AD.

A 19 year old in 1725 put a fork up his anus to cure himself of constipation, but had it slip too far up. One month later, the fork was surgically removed when its prongs became visible through the skin of his left buttock.

A UK man had his ears surgically removed to look more like his pet parrots; his eyeballs are tattooed orange and blue to match the orange and blue tattoos on his face that look like feathers.

Hippocrates believed that in hysterical woman the uterus wanders through the body causing "choking, sleepiness, loss of speech, vertigo, headaches, heartburn, pulse irregularities, and death". Hence the name "Hysterectomy" for a surgical removing of the uterus.

The sunfish can grow as big as a pickup truck and can carry up to 40 kinds of parasites. They let cleaner fish feast on the parasites. But some of the toughest parasites need to be removed seagulls. The seagulls surgically cut into the fish's flesh to eat the most stubborn of parasites.

A man, known as "Red Skull" had his nose surgically removed as a part of his "body modification" process.

During the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) of World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army (Unit 731) conducted human experimentation, which included vivisection whereby some subjects had their stomachs surgically removed and the esophagus reattached to the intestines.

The Incas developed a surgical procedure called 'trepanation' consisting of removing small portions of patients' skulls to treat head injuries. Initial results were all patients died, but by the 1400s survival rates neared 90%. A similar procedure is still done today.

Bruce Lee had the sweat glands in his armpits surgically removed

A man gave himself a concrete enema. He later had to have the hardened concrete surgically removed.

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