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Sue Grafton began writing mystery novels after a long and bitter divorce. She had violent fantasies about killing and maiming her husband and felt compelled to write them down.

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Sue Grafton, author of novels "'A' is for Alibi" (1982) all the way through "'W' is for Wasted" (2013), has finally broke her pattern with "X" (2015), citing "Xylophone isn't a crime, so I'm stuck."

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  1. Sue Grafton, author of an alphabet based mystery series, got all the way to letter 'Y' and then died

  2. Author Sue Grafton was writing the "alphabet series" - a series of 26 detective novels that was to include one for each letter of the alphabet. She passed away after Y is for Yesterday, one book shy of finishing all 26

  3. Sue Grafton's book, Q is for Quarry, was based on a real Jane Doe case, which still remains a mystery today, and Grafton eventually paid for the funeral costs of Jane

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