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Trader Joe's hides a stuffed animal in a majority of their stores and if your child finds it they get a prize

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A Detroit man is incredibly good at winning carnival games. In fact, he has won nearly 250,000 large stuffed animals in his lifetime... and donated them all to various charities.

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  1. There is a stuffed animal hospital that cleans and repairs beloved stuffed animals and dolls. The toys are called patients, shipped in an ambulance box, and returned wearing a hospital bracelet with their name.

  2. Thomas Jefferson tried for years to send a gigantic stuffed moose to a French count to counter claims that the North American climate made all animals (including people) weak and feeble

  3. The eagle featured on U.S. currency was modeled on a real bald eagle named Peter who used to live on top of the U.S. Mint. He died in 1836 but, like many animals whose admirers just can't let go, Peter was stuffed and is still on display inside the very building upon which he once nested.

  4. Clyde Frog was a real TV show character in the 1970s, and not just one of Eric Cartman's stuffed animals.

  5. United Feature Syndicate responded positively to a comic strip featuring a side character with a stuffed animal. They asked the creator to develop a strip around these characters but ultimately rejected it for lacking in marketing potential. The strip was Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson.

  6. In 2011 after a game called "Smuggle Truck", about smuggling Mexicans across the border, was rejected by Apple the dev's changed the name to "Snuggle Truck" and made all the characters stuffed animals to cut controversial content.

  7. A Japanese comedian stayed on reality show, completely isolated from the world for 335 days, with basically nothing(even clothes),survived weeks on dog food and talked only to a stuffed animal,for a big prize of about 10'000$.

  8. about the Beanie Babies bubble in the 90es, where a $5 stuffed animal would be worth up to $1,500 until the bubble bursted in 1999 and they became worthless

  9. During an unsuccessful hunt in 1902, US President Theodore Roosevelt was presented with a chained bear to shoot as a consolation prize. Roosevelt famously refused to shoot the defenceless animal, inspiring toy-makers to make a stuffed animal, calling it the Teddy Bear.

  10. There's a website that will make a stuffed animal clone of your pet

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Astronauts traditionally bring a stuffed animal to space with them, so they can tell when it becomes weightless.

There's a travel agency in Tokyo that will take your stuffed animal on vacation(without you)! - source

Her parents gave her a stuffed chimpanzee they named Jubilee when she was a child and it started a life-long love of animals.

In the Original Winnie the Pooh Books, Rabbit and Owl are actually Real and not Stuffed Animals - source

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At the 2016 Olympics, wrestling coaches were given dolls of the event's cat-like mascot. To challenge calls, coaches had to toss them into the ring. One coach said, "The fate of one of my athletes [...] hangs in the balance of a referee's error. And I have a stuffed animal in my hands."

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The stuffed animals that belonged to Christopher Robin, and which inspired the Winnie the Pooh books, are on display in New York.

Sausages developed as a way to use meat efficiently by stuffing meat scraps into animal intestines.

Although most of the characters in Winnie-the-Pooh are toys or stuffed animals, Rabbit and Owl are live animals.

There's a german passport company that issues passports to stuffed animals

Poena Cullei, an ancient Roman execution method. The condemned was stuffed into a sack with an assortment of animals and then thrown into a river.

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The first ever zoo was created in Paris during the French Revolution as a demand of the National Assembly that all privately held exotic animals be donated to the menagerie or stuffed.

Following in suit with the Teddy Bear, there was a stuffed animal created for President Taft called the Billy Possum. The toy, which looked like a large rat, caused children to cry

There is a book dedicated to the care and feeding of stuffed animals.

Toronto is a prime destination for thousands of kilograms of slaughtered wild animals smuggled from Africa. More than 1000 kg of bushmeat arrive monthly, some via the postal system and other times raw meat was simply stuffed in suitcases and taken on a plane

When Soviets invaded Afghanistan, they planted grenades and mines resembling toys and stuffed animals near villages for kids to find them. The devices were specifically designed not to kill but to maim.

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First Great Western trains have run a police lineup style teddy bear rescue for stuffed animals lost on their trains since November 2014. None have been succesfully reunited with their owners yet

There's a tree in New York City with more than 600 stuffed animals hanging on it — and they all managed to survive through a deadly hurricane

a christmas stocking is a viable weapon against stuffed animals.

During the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, a child shielded himself from gunfire with a stuffed animal. He survived.

Stuffed animal 'hospitals' where people can send their stuffed animals to be cleaned and repaired

There is a company that will take your horse, dog or cat and "clone" them inti a stuffed animal

A Detroit car salesman by the name of Peter Drakos has won an estimated 250,000 stuffed animals from playing carnival games. He has donated all of his winnings to over 50 different charities.

EMS vehicles and police patrol cars are sometimes equipped with stuffed animals to provide comfort to trauma victims.

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