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Gun laws in Japan are so strict that even when a police officer killed himself with one he was still charged.

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In 2014 a 27-year-old man was arrested in Kawasaki, Japan, on accusations of possessing several 3D-printed guns. Japan has strict weapon restrictions based on a law passed in 1958 forbidding a person from possessing a "firearm or firearms or a sword or swords"

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  1. Just hours before the Sandy Hook massacre, a Chinese man entered a school and stabbed 24 people, including 23 children. Not one was fatally wounded. Due to strict gun control laws in China, knives are usually the weapon of choice in violent crimes.

  2. Brazil has very strict gun laws but has one of the highest Gun related murder rates in the world

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Tale of 2 cities: Found this interesting. Similar populations, but Chicago has almost 3x as many cops, but, it has 4x the homicide rate of Houston, most are committed with guns. Ch

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