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In 1989, 6 out of 178 workers at the United States Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases had antibodies for a strain of ebola. The strain wasn't contagious to humans, and the 6 workers had all been in contact with macaques that had died from the disease. TL;DR Monkey ebola in the US

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In 1989 Ebola virus developed an airborne strain in a monkey sanctuary in Virginia

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  1. In 1990 there was an ebola virus outbreak near Washington DC in Reston Virginia. Fortunately the specific strain, reston ebolavirus, was non-pathogenic in humans and didn't cause a single human fatality.

  2. A 1989 oubreak of Ebola in the US in Reston, Virginia. Named the Reston virus, this strain of Ebola was only contagious in monkeys but was airborne, unlike all other Ebola strains. Humans exposed to Reston were unaffected, but showed in blood tests of having contracted Ebola.

  3. Kitum Cave has been the destination for migrating animals such as elephants seeking salt to consume. It is also believed to be the birth place of several strains of the Ebola Virus.

  4. There's 'living powdered soup' that can detect ebola strains

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