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The movie Apocalypse Now has the most movie mistakes of all time, as documented by viewers (558 mistakes). Followed by The Birds (546 mistakes) and Wizard of Oz (423 mistakes). The single "Best Mistake" was from Star Wars (1977) where a storm trooper hits his head on a door frame.

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Boba Fett was originally going to have white armor. His iconic armor was colored white to match the storm troopers because his original story arc had him as a specialized super storm trooper. They currently sell white armored Boba Fett figures.

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  1. Star Wars’ Stormtroopers were based off of the real life Storm Troopers from World War I.

  2. Insurance adjusters who go out to evaluate insurance claims after a natural catastrophe are known in the industry as "Storm Troopers"

  3. Hermann Reddemann, who was a pioneering commander of German storm troopers in WW1 and developed the tactical use of their flamethrowers, was originally chief of the Leipzig Fire Department.

  4. The Canadian Expeditionary Force was referred to as "Storm Troopers" during the Battle of Vimy Ridge in World War 1 due to how versatile the force was.

  5. The storm troopers in Star wars are left handed.

  6. There is a dancing Storm Trooper group that nearly won Britains Got Talent.

  7. The Nazis fully embraced Christmas and used it to promote national unity. Storm troopers sang Christmas carols, children ate chocolate SS men, and Christmas trees decorated with swastikas were set up in city squares. At home, families made cookies in the shape of the SS's thunderbolt Sig-rune.

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