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Even though they fought with the North, the State of Minnesota still displays, in their Capitol, a Confederate Battle Flag that they stole from a Virginia unit at the Battle of Gettysburg. Virginia has been asking for it back for over 100 years. Minnesota continues to say no.

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When musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole passed in 1997, he was the first and only citizen to receive the honor of having the Hawaii state flag flown at half-staff. His coffin was allowed to "lay in state" in the capitol building. Since then, in 2003 a bronze bust of Brother Iz was erected on O'ahu.

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  1. The Confederate Battle Flag, the modern day symbol associated with the Civil War, was never formally adopted by the Confederate congress nor flew at any state capitols. It became popular due to its use by the KKK and Southern Dixiecrats during the mid 20th century.

  2. In 1970, a bomb exploded in the Senate Chamber of the Louisiana State Capitol building and left a pencil embedded in the ceiling, where it remains to this day.

  3. California Governor Ronald Reagan banned open carry of loaded firearms shortly after the Black Panthers marched on the State Capitol while bearing arms.

  4. There is a crypt underneath the United States Capitol which was intended for George Washington, but his body was never moved since it was part of his last will to remain buried at Mt. Vernon. It is now used as storage.

  5. The crypt of the United States Capitol Building, which currently houses the Magna Carta Case and various statues, was once used as bicycle parking.

  6. Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer once vetoed 17 bills by setting them on fire with a hot branding iron in the shape of the word "VETO" on the steps of the state Capitol building.

  7. One of the two statues at the US Capitol chosen by the state of Florida is of the guy who developed air conditioning.

  8. There is an annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the American Meat Institute. The hot dogs are served from hot dog carts and more than 1,000 lobbyists, journalists, administration personnel and members of the United States Congress attend the event.

  9. Upon death, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's coffin lay for public grieving in the state capitol. This was the third time ever, and first for a non-government official. They also flew their flag at half-mast on the day of his funeral.

  10. The word "capitol" is used in the name because it was given to white dome formations on the line of cliffs within the park's Waterpocket Fold. It looks similar to the American State Capitol Building.

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Phoenix is the only US state capitol with a population greater than 1 million.

The West Virginia State Capitol is the tallest building in the's only 4 stories tall. - source

Nebraska's flag is so poorly designed it once flew for ten days upside down at the State Capitol before anyone noticed. - source

Marshall Ledbetter. American photographer, psychedelics enthusiast and unconventional protester. In 1991 he broke into the Florida State Capitol building and phoned a number of odd demands. Amongst them was 1 large veggie pizza, 1 ounce of weed and 666 donuts for the cops.

The "Master Interrogator" for the Nazis designed the mosaic floor in the California state capitol building. - source

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The Tennessee State Capitol was designed by renowned architect William Strickland, who modeled it after a Greek Ionic temple. Fifteen enslaved Black men worked on carving its limestone cellar and it is believed to be "the most significant project where the state government rented slave labor"

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The Colorado State Capitol used the entire known supply of Colorado Rose Onyx to adorn its interior

The Texas State Capitol design was the result of a design competition, and was paid for in the sum of 3 million acres of public land.

Humphrey suffered from bladder cancer later in his life. He died on January 13, 1978 in Waverly, Minnesota. His body was placed in state in the Minnesota capitol before being interred at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why the New York State Capitol building has a massive entrance staircase: the building was sliding down a hill, so the stairs were built to keep it propped up.

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When the new United States capital was founded in 1791, the landmarks of the city were renamed in honor of Rome. Goose Creek became Tiber Creek, Jenkins Hill became Capitol Hill, and the Congress was the Capitol itself, recalling Rome’s Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus.

A judge from Intercourse, PA who handed out condom stuffed acorns to women on the grounds of the PA state Capitol and people appearing before him in court

The massive statue on top of the Wisconsin state capitol is wearing a badger on top of her head.

There are naturally occurring fossils found in the stone interior of the Wisconsin State Capitol

The Cuban capital building "El Capitolio" has a size of 681 by 300 ft. Its design although it is often compared to that of the United States Capitol, it is not a replica of it. "It is similar to that in Washington D.C, but a meter higher, a meter wider, and a meter longer.

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The personification of America was initially a female named after the historical and poetic name of the United States: Columbia. She was later replaced by Uncle Sam, with many of her iconic characteristics adapted to The Statue of Freedom, which sits atop the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The annual salary of a private first class in the United States Capitol Police is $67 000; or almost triple a PFC in the US army

The Oklahoma State Capitol is the only American legislative building with an active oil rig on its grounds.

The state of Arizona almost had a new State Capitol that is designed unlike any other in the U.S. - it was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright

During the State of the Union Address, a "designated survivor" is appointed in case of an attack on the Capitol Building that killed the entire line of succession for the Presidency

Arizona does not own its own capitol buildings. In attempt to raise revenue for the state budget, it sold them to investors, and leased them back.

Architect William Strickland is buried within the walls of his greatest work, the Tennessee State Capitol.

The Mulford Act, a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms, was enacted by Ronald Reagan after he witnessed the Black Panther Party bearing arms in front of the California State Capitol.

The most expensive state capitol building in the U.S. is New York's at $731,129,600 after inflation ($25,000,000 in 1899). The least expensive is New Hampshire's at only $1,303,500 after inflation ($82,000 in 1818)

Columbia, California was once the second largest city in California and was considered as a possible site for the state capitol but in modern day, only 2,500 people live in the city.

Ten days after the Charleston church shooting, a woman climbed up the flagpole outside the state capitol in South Carolina and pulled down the Confederate battle flag that had flown there since 1961.

The "Master Interrogator" for the Nazis designed the mosaic floor in the California state capitol building.

President Reagan passed the Mulford Act, which repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms, after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.

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