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Cheetahs are so shy & awkward that some zoos provide them with "support dogs" to tackle their social anxiety!!

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Administering testosterone to patients with social anxiety disorder has been found to increase their willingness to face situations which are perceived as socially threatening.

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  1. Curly from the Three Stooges suffered from social anxiety, alcoholism, and took solace in befriending stray dogs.

  2. In 2011 a study found that individuals with high social anxiety had high empathy. The study found that high empathy may make socially anxious individuals more sensitive and attentive to other people's states of mind.

  3. Some zoos raise puppies with captive cheetah kittens to help reduce anxiety, stress and develop social skills

  4. Psychologists widely condemn “experiential avoidance”, the conscious effort to avoid certain feelings or thoughts. It can lead to social anxiety, self-harm and other problems.

  5. The actor, (The Social Network, Now You See Me) Jesse Eisenberg suffers from OCD, separation anxiety, social anxiety and depression.

  6. The walk disturbance (where a person is so worried about how they walk that they may lose balance) may appear with social anxiety, especially when passing a group of people.

  7. People with social anxiety disorder tend to have trouble making friends—and to assume the friendships they have are not high quality. The problem with this perception, according to new research, is that their friends don’t necessarily agree.

  8. Research supports the use of MDMA to treat social anxiety in autistic adults, and adverse events caused by the use of MDMA in a controlled setting are considered to be rare and non-life threatening

  9. People with good social support are less likely to develop mental disorders (such as PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, etc.)

  10. Scientists believe that ecstasy (MDMA) is able to help autistic people overcome their social anxiety.

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I document my life through weekly videos and make a highlight video each year. I overcame Social Anxiety Disorder in 2018. The people who featured in the annual highlight video in

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According to a study by Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University Graz, vegetarians suffer significantly more often from anxiety disorder and/or depression, have a poorer quality of life in terms of physical health, social relationships, and environmental factors.

Kids who are rejected by their dads are more likely to have social anxiety. Studies rejection by their father leads to lasting social disorders and trouble forming friends - source

There's a free resource for people suffering from depression, social anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias like fear of flying. No registration required! - source

Searching for a source of Social Phobia, Harvard professor Jerome Kagan's longitudinal study revealed that 4-month old babies that reacted vigorously to stimuli was a predictor for shy behavior in preschool, social anxiety at age 7, and subdued personality at age 11

Using first person pronouns (e.g."I") during introspection has been shown to increase symptoms of social anxiety and hinder performance in stressful social situations, compared to using non-first person pronouns (like "you"). - source

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Labrador Retriever is loyal and friendly dog that is eager to please. It is suitable for families with children and other dogs. Labrador Retriever is social breed that enjoys to spend time with people. It is prone to separation anxiety (not suitable for people that are rarely at home).

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Procter and Gamble used anxiety marketing in their Head and Shoulders brand by using the tagline "You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression" to induce fears of social consequences associated with the condition that the product claims to address.

One of the main traits which makes people vulnerable to social anxiety is the tendency to have increased engagement with socially negative information.

A review of clinical trials showed that counselling provides short-term, modest improvements in reducing anxiety and depression, but no long-term improvements. Another review showed that it didn't have an impact on patients’ social functioning, such as work, leisure, &family relationships.

There is a site that tells you the nearest places in your area with the least amount of humans. Perfect for those with social anxiety.

The case of Jesse Snodgrass, an autistic teenager with the social competence of an 11 year old who was heavily pressured to buy weed for his only friend, an undercover policeman for 6 weeks, causing him anxiety that lead to self-harm until he complied and was promptly arrested.

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Social Anxiety Disorder is the third most common mental disorder in the U.S.

Rod Sterling, the man who narrated/hosted the original 1959 Twilight Zone, not only wrote 92% of all the original episodes, but he had crippling social anxiety and stage fright.

MLB All-Star pitcher Zach Greinke missed the majority of the 2006 baseball season due to his struggles with depression and social anxiety disorder.

You can overcome social anxiety by intentionally embarrassing yourself in public

We are born with two innate fears: the fear of falling & the fear of loud sounds. Therefore, common fears social anxiety, publicly speaking and being judged by "haters" are all learned behaviors. These fears can truly affect your life but there are techniques and ways to overcome them.

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Recent studies have linked smartphone usage and heavy social media usage to anxiety and depression, especially in teenagers.

A study revealed that video games may boost children's learning, health, and social skills. Gamers were found to have increased problem-solving skills, creativity, improved moods, lessened anxiety, and are more resilient to failure.

In 2001, 16-year-old Corey Baadsgaard was prescribed an antidepressant for his social anxiety. Three weeks later he took a rifle to his high school and held his teacher and classmates hostage. Later that day he woke up in juvenile detention with no memory of what he had done.

A 2009 science study found that men giving negative attention to "high social anxiety" women produced more positive behavior in the women than if the men treated them nicely

U.S. landlords cannot deny legally deny residence or charge additional pet rent and/or pet deposits for tenants with emotional support animals [ESAs]. Your pet can be declared an ESA for a variety of issues, including depression and social anxiety, with as little as a doctor's note.

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