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A Japanese sweet snack called "English toast", which is neither English nor toast. It consists of two slices of white bread, covered with a layer of margarine, sprinkled with sugar and put together.

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The U.S briefly banned sliced bread in 1943. During this time, a letter appeared in The New York Times from a distraught housewife saying, in part: "I should like to let you know how important sliced bread is to the morale and saneness of a household."

What sandwich has at least three slices of bread?

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  1. Sliced bread was originally advertised as "the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped"

  2. Sliced bread was first advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped,”

  3. Betty White is older than sliced bread. Betty White was born in 1922 and sliced bread was introduced in 1928.

  4. Learned that in the 1790s, the Guillotine was so popular, they made child sized one for kids to behead their dolls and rodents, and the wealthy had tiny ones on their dining table, for slicing bread.

  5. Betty White is literally older than sliced bread.

  6. According to the USDA, grilled cheese and PBJ are not sandwiches. A sandwich is "a meat or poultry filling between two slices of bread, a bun, or a biscuit."

  7. The sandwich was named after Lord Sandwich - a gambler who didn't have time to eat during a play so he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat in between slices of bread.

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What are the end slices of bread called?

Why was sliced bread banned?

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When buttered bread is right side up and dropped from a table, theres an ~80% it will fall butter side down. This is because an average slice of buttered bread falling will complete a full turn in approx. 8 feet. - source

By legal definition in the United States a sandwich must contain at least two slices of bread. - source

The Earl of Sandwich, the man of which the snack is named after, enjoyed poker so much he refused to leave the table in Nov. 3, 1762. When he grew hungry, he asked a servant for a slice of meat which he then put between two slices of bread so he wouldn't smear his cards and hands with food.

In 2006 a judge in Worcester, MA ruled that a true sandwich (from a legal perspective) must include at least two slices of bread. - source

When was sliced bread invented?

Spanish tapas were originally created as a measure to keep fruit flies out of sherry glasses. In between sips, Andalusian tavern-goers would place a slice of meat or bread on top of their glass as a temporary cover. "Tapa" means "lid" in Spanish.

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Fairy bread. It is sliced white bread spread with margarine or butter and covered with sprinkles. It's mainly eaten by children during parties in Australia.

Bob Barker is literally older than sliced bread.

Sliced bread was once banned in the USA from January 1943 to March 1943

The U.S. government banned sliced bread in 1943 as a wartime conservation measure. Officials said "the ready-sliced loaf must have a heavier wrapping than an unsliced one if it is not to dry out." Consumers, businesses and local officials objected, and the ban was lifted two months later.

The "toast sandwich": a piece of toast between two slices of bread.

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Astronauts eat flour tortillas instead of sliced bread.

Betty White is older than sliced bread. Commercially sliced bread didn’t hit shelves until 1928, Betty was born in 1922.

Sliced bread was invented by Otto Fredrick Rohwedder in 1928, and that his machine not only sliced the bread but also wrapped it.

15 years after it was invented, the US Government banned sliced bread. The ban was lifted in 1943.

Wheat contains amylopectin A, which is more efficiently converted to blood sugar than just about any other carbohydrate, including table sugar. In fact, two slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar to a higher level than a candy bar does.

How many slices in a loaf of bread?

In 1943, sliced bread was banned by the U.S. government as a wartime conservation effort. The ban was lifted 3 months later as it turned out the savings was less than expected.

Italian Beef is not named after Italian style juicy sliced beef, it is a shortened version of the term "Beef on Italian," Which refers to Italian bread.

On July 28, 1900 at his restaurant Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT, Lassen constructed a hamburger prototype when he sandwiched ground steak trimmings between two slices of toast. The Original Burger on sliced bread is still served by the family-run tavern today.

The USA banned slice bread during World War 2

Ice cream sandwiches in Singapore are made with actual slices of multicolored bread.

Matpakke (food package, or packed lunch), which is the most popular lunch choice for Norwegian students and workers. Individual slices of brown bread, topped with an additional ingredient (often liver pate, brown cheese, or jam), are separated by mellomleggspapir, or between-layer wax paper.

The first commercially produced ice machine was available 62 year before sliced bread. The saying should be, “that’s the greatest thing since the ice maker!” since it was clearly the greater invention.

In 1943, the US Government issued a ban on the sale of sliced bread

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