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The F-82 "Twin Mustang" fighter plane, designed to escort bombers thousands of miles to Tokyo, was literally two P-51 Mustangs joined at the wing. Both cockpits were fully functional, so one pilot could sleep while the other flew the plane on missions that could last up to 12 hours.

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Honeybees sleep between five and eight hours a day, some bees hold each other's legs as they sleep. Colonies are divided into different sectors of work. There are cleaners, nurses, security guards, also collection bees whose sole job is to cache nectar in comb. Promotions happen as well.

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  1. Sleeping less than the recommended eight hours a night is associated with intrusive, repetitive thoughts like those seen in anxiety or depression

  2. Immediately after landing on the moon, the Apollo 11 crew was supposed to sleep for 5 hours. They didn't, because they figured they wouldn't be able to.

  3. Losing an hour of sleep when daylight savings puts the clocks forward causes a 25% increase in heart attacks on the following Monday. They reduce by 21% when clocks go back.

  4. There is a subset of people that can function perfectly fine with less than 5 hours of sleep. They are early birds, night owls and short sleepers at the same time and do not need the assistance of coffee or mid-day naps to function. They are the Sleepless Elite.

  5. 1-3% of people are equipped with a mutated gene called hDEC2 which allows their body to get the rest it requires from just a few hours of sleep.

  6. A therapy cat named Oscar predicted the impending death of some 50 terminally ill patients by napping next to them a few hours before they died. After he accurately predicted 25 deaths, staff started calling family members of residents as soon as they discovered him sleeping close to someone

  7. Giraffes only need 5 to 30 minutes of sleep in a 24-hour period.

  8. 1-3% of the population are known as the sleepless elite. This group of people routinely get 6 hours or less of sleep daily and remain totally functional.

  9. Hospitals in the US report a 24% spike in heart attack visits due to patients getting one hour less of sleep when switching to daylight saving time

  10. In medieval times it was common to have "2" sleeps per night. You would fall asleep for 4 to 5 hours, wake up for 2 hours or so and fall back to sleep for another 3 to 4. It's been suggested that we may have evolved this way to tend to the fire in order to keep us warm and safe.

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Recorded how many hours of sleep I got every day for a semseter of college.

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My Average Hours of Sleep Per Month from January 2015 - March 2019 (more info in comments)

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Sleep deprivation beyond 24 hours causes visual, auditory and sensory hallucinations, progressing to psychosis

There is rare genetic variation (SNP rs121912617) that allows people to sleep 2 hours less a night with no ill effects. - source

"in darkness most people eventually adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 36 hour of activity followed by 12 hours of sleep. The reasons are still unclear." - source

In a baby’s first year, parents lose around 350 hours of sleep at night.

After a large meal, a male lion can sleep for up to 24 hours. - source

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Because of Daylight Savings Time and the loss of an hour of sleep, the Monday after clocks ‘Spring Forward’ sees an increase in fatal traffic accidents.

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While filming Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey stayed in the Stanley Hotel (where The Shining was filmed) for a night and requested to be in room 237. About three hours after he went to sleep, he came running out of the room and left the hotel. To this day, he hasn't told anybody why.

A French mathematician named Abraham de Moivre claimed that he noted that he was sleeping an extra 15 minutes each night and calculated the date of his death as the day when the sleep time reached 24 hours, the date was November 27, 1754. On that exact same day, Moivre was found dead in London.

Andre the giant once drank 119 beers in 6 hours, that's one every 3 minutes, passed out and when they couldn't move him they put a piano cover over him and let him sleep it off.

Teenagers biological sleep cycles are 3 hours behind: Meaning waking a teenager up at 6 am is equivalent to an adult at 3 am!

Thomas Edison considered sleep a waste of time and got 3-4 hours per night. In contrast, Albert Einstein claimed to need 10 hours and Calvin Coolidge, while president, demanded 11!

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A Graph of How Many Hours of Sleep I got in April 2018

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Using Twitter Habits to Identify Presidential Sleep Deprivation - Changes in Twitter usage by President Trump since inauguration. Data show an increase of an hour on average betwee

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Losing an hour of sleep after daylight savings results in a 24% increase of heart attacks whereas gaining an hour of sleep after daylight savings results in a 21% reduction of heart attacks.

Humans can enter sleep cycles of 24-48 hours in the absence of sunlight

The Birmingham 6, a group of men incorrectly convicted of bombing a UK pub. The men provided false confessions to police after being interrogated for up to 12 hours (without any breaks, food or sleep) and physical abuse including punches, police dogs and a mock execution.

A man named Robert Shields wrote the longest diary in history - 37.5 million words written over a 25 year period until he was disabled by a stroke. He spent hours every day chronically the most minute details of his daily life and even limited sleep to 2 hours at a time to record his dreams.

In 1977, Maureen Weston of the U.K. voluntarily stayed up for a whopping 449 hours(18 days), and made it into the 1978 Guinness Book of World Records. But because staying awake for such long stretches poses so many health risks, Guinness chose to no longer acknowledge sleep deprivation records.

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Before the late 17th century, humans' sleep cycle was divided into two periods. The first sleep usually began at dusk, lasted four hours, and was followed by an hour or so of being awake. Then we had a second sleep, lasting another four hours.

An estimated 3% of the population have a gene that allows them to fully function on six or less hours of sleep a night, rather than the general recommendation of eight hours.

A solid 8 hour sleep is actually unnatural to us as a species. A 4 hour sleep, waking for 1-2 hours, followed by another 4 hour sleep is how we slept for the majority of evolution. The change to a solid 8 hour sleep was originally attributed to improvements in lighting and other things.

While Pattie Boyd was married to George Harrison and sleeping with Eric Clapton, the two musicians fought for her love with a formal guitar duel that lasted over 2 hours. Clapton won.

Chip-chan is a Korean woman in her 40's who believes her movements are being controlled by an implanted microchip. She has been livestreaming for over 10 years, sleeps 12 hours a day, and rarely leaves her apartment

The Power of Sleep particularly for elite athletes. Roger Federer sleeps 12 hours a day. Usain Bolt 9-10 hrs a day. Le Bron James also sleeps 12 hours. For a long time, while he was struggling with his form, Tiger Woods had a sleep disorder.

We are getting over an hour less sleep than people did in the 1940s. Back then, the average was slightly more than 8 hours of sleep a night, while today we are down to around 6 hours, 45 minutes of sleep nightly.

The longest recorded time without sleep is 264 hours (11+ days). It is not clear how long humans can survive without sleep. After 3-4 nights you can start to hallucinate.

People can feel more tired after a nap than before it because of 'sleep inertia': if someone wakes up after entering 'deep sleep' but before a full sleep cycle is completed, parts of the brain can remain 'asleep' for up to a half hour afterwards, causing an exhausted, hangover-like feeling

Brown bats, with 20 hours of sleep, sleep the most of any animal. Giraffes can go for weeks without napping, needing 30 minutes to fully recharge.

There's a genetic mutation in 1 percent of the population that means they don't need more than a few hours of sleep a night.

A gene mutation allows a very small number of people to naturally sleep four hours per night, with no effects on mental or physical health. This would be evolution.

A person can actually die from insomnia. It starts with only getting a few hours of sleep and progresses, eventually producing psychosis and becoming fatal

Lions may sleep a full 24 hours straight

Lack of sleep can contribute to the end of your marriage because according to this study results if both partners got less than seven hours of sleep the previous two nights, the couple was more likely to "argue or become hostile."

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