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Johnny Cash took only three voice lessons in his childhood before his teacher, enthralled with Cash's unique singing style, advised him to stop taking lessons and to never deviate from his natural voice.

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Tom Hanks produced Mamma Mia with his wife, Rita Wilson. Hanks even auditioned to be one of the three main men but was denied because his singing voice wasn't quite up to snuff

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  1. Despite being a trained Broadway singer, Matthew Broderick only voiced the speaking role of adult Simba in “The Lion King” (1994). Simba’s singing voice was provided by Joseph Williams, the lead singer of Toto.

  2. Michael Jackson composed songs despite not playing any instruments. He would build each element of a track with his voice, so pitch perfect that studio musicians could match chords to his singing.

  3. Reality show 'The Voice' has yet to create any new singing stars, but has effectively rejuvenated the careers of its celebrity judges.

  4. The reason we feel compelled sing in the shower is partly because the reverb of the shower boosts the voice, adds more bass, and sounds more powerful, thus boosting the singer's confidence to sing.

  5. Michael Jackson composed songs despite not playing any instruments. He would build each element of a track with his voice, so pitch perfect that studio musicians could match chords to his singing.

  6. Joseph Williams contributed the "singing voice" for adult Simba in The Lion King. Joseph was the lead singer for the band Toto, who wrote a hit song called "Africa."

  7. Boris Karloff does not sing, "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" in the famous Dr. Seuss film, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It was performed instead by Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Tony the Tiger. Thurl's role went completely uncredited. Boris won a Grammy for his performance.

  8. The Rock used tequila to get his voice ready before singing in Moana

  9. The singing voices of Homer, Apu, Barney, and Skinner in The Simpsons episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" were provided by Disneyland's The Dapper Dans

  10. The lead singer of Toto was the singing voice for adult Simba in The Lion King

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There Were Men Castrated in Childhood to Keep Their Prepubescent Voices: "Castrato". Apparently it was because women weren't allowed to sing in the church at the time, so this was their solution to still achieve "women'-like sounds"

A German Professor during WW1 recorded the voice of many Indian PoWs, a unique project at a PoW camp outside Berlin. In Tamil and Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu and more, these men speak and sing of home. Now available in the Humbolt archives. - source

Freddie Mercury had the most unique singing voice by having his vibrato at 7.04 Hz while the typical vibrato would fluctuate between 5.4 and 6.9 Hz - source

The although the opening of the video of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen shows all band members singing, it is actually a 5-part harmony that's all multi-track recordings of Freddy Mercury's voice.

In 1971 a Frank Zappa concertgoer rushed the stage and shoved Zappa into the orchestra pit, enraged over his girlfriend’s infatuation with the mustachioed rocker. Zappa suffered a crushed larynx which resulted in a deeper, huskier singing voice and was also in a wheelchair for a year. - source

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In Europe (1550s), when women were not permitted to sing in church or cathedral choirs in the Roman Catholic Church, boys were castrated to prevent their voices breaking at puberty and to develop a special high voice

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Blues singer Blind Willie Johnson was arrested for singing “If I Had My Way I’d Tear The Building Down," a song about Samson, outside of a custom house when a passing police officer thought the gravelly voice Johnson was inciting a riot to destroy the custom house

Famed music composer, Danny Elfman, is also the singing voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Shaggy served with a firing battery from the 10th Marine Regiment during the Gulf War. Shaggy perfected his signature singing voice in the Marine Corps and it is also where he got the inspiration for his song "Boombastic"

Julie Andrews' famous singing voice was permanently damages by a throat operation in 1997. She said she feels fortunate in a way, as she has focussed on using her voice in ways other than singing.

Deep male voices are the best voices to fall asleep to. however, mothers have the same footing as fathers when it comes to singing lullabies to their children.

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Actor Joe Pesci (Goodfellas, Casino, Home Alone, My Cousin Vinny, etc.) originally started as a musician and played guitar in a band that later featured Jimi Hendrix. Pesci also had a great singing voice and released an album of pop-rock cover songs in 1968 (example link in comments)

Shaggy the singer developed his singing voice from singing cadences while he served in the Marines in a field artillery battary during operation Desert Storm.

Alessandro Moreschi, the last Castrato. He was castrated before reaching puberty in order to preserve his soprano singing voice. The recordings he made in his late forties are the only known recordings of a castrato singing voice.

When Mick Jagger was 16, he bit off the tip of his tongue playing basketball. It changed the way he spoke, changing it from a more posh accent to a more “street” accent. It comes through in his singing voice too and is the reason for his distinctive voice.

In the Mulan song, 'I'll Make a Man Out of You', Donny Osmand provided the singing voice for Captain Li Shang. Jackie Chan dubbed the singing and speaking voices in Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Coretta had a talent for singing and violin. She transferred from Antioch College to the New England Conservatory of Music. She studied violin and voice while there on scholarship.

Australian singer Sia's uncredited guest appearance on the South Park episode "The Cissy" as the enhanced singing voice of Randy Marsh/Lorde.

When he finished the initial recording of 'Stay with me', Sam Smith started to layer his vocal about 20 times, singing in different parts of the studio and harmonizing. The result sounded like a gospel choir, but all from his own voice, and this demo was then used in the released song.

It is possible to manipulate your voice to sing two notes at once through Polyphonic Overtone Singing.

Marni Nixon, a singer whose career was built almost entirely on dubbing her singing voice over actresses in musicals, including over Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and Natalie Wood in West Side Story.

The voice of George Clooney singing in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou (2000) is the same artist who has the vocals on Avicii's "Hey Brother".

Famous composer, Danny Elfman, responsible for the Simpsons theme, the scores for "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", "Batman (1989)", and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is actually the singing voice for Jack Skellington that you hear in "Nightmare Before Christmas" songs like "What's This?"

That, in Season 3 of The Simpsons, Michael Jackson played an insane asylum patient who thought he was Michael Jackson. The character's singing voice was provided by a soundalike

Tony The Tiger was the singing voice of the Grinch and the Goblins in the Hobbit

Joseph Williams, son of John Williams and member of Toto, was the singing voice of Simba in The Lion King (1994) for Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Elvis Presley's sound, voice, and singing style is nearly identical to Otis Blackwell's who sold him songs including him singing and playing in recorded demos. Mr. Blackwell wrote some of Elvis's first hits like Don't be Cruel, All Shook Up, and Return To Sender. (Link to a demo in comments)

A music critic once wrote a piece criticizing the singing voice of Harry Truman's daughter. Truman, still in office in his 2nd term as U.S. President, wrote an angry response to the critic, threatening to break his nose and black both his eyes.

During the production of "Walk the Line", the producers pitched up Johnny Cash's songs because they felt Joaquin Phoenix was incapable of singing that low. But three weeks before filming began, his voice randomly dropped and he was able to sing at the correct octave.

When Michael Jackson guest starred on the Simpsons, he had a voice double for the singing numbers.

Julie Andrews (of Song of Music fame) lost her singing voice after a botched surgery in 1997

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