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The DEA officer investigating the Silk Road was indicted and arrested for running an elaborate series of rackets and thefts on DPR and silk road.

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A Chinese mining company and the Afghan government is going to destroy Mes Anyak, a 5,000 year-old Bronze age site and 2,000 year-old Buddhist Silk Road city.

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  1. In order to prevent Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht from deleting or encrypting his hard drive during his arrest at a public library, agents pretended to be quarreling lovers to distract him, at which point a USB drive was inserted that cloned his hard drive

  2. The Silk Road black market founder Ross Ulbricht was caught because he used his Silk Road username in a forum asking for software help

  3. The Silk Road was not actually a road. It was a complex route that included land and sea routes that traders had to cross in order to do business in faraway places. The actual route often changed when weather, raids, natural disasters and bandits threatened the safety of those making the journey.

  4. The FBI has the second largest known stash of bitcoins, a whopping 174,000 BTC from the Silk Road seizure.

  5. In China and Central Asia the traders would often use camels, horses, and even yaks to carry their goods.

  6. Marco Polo, the first European to chronicle his experience traveling to China, was one of the most famous historical figures to travel the Silk Road.

  7. The biggest and most impressive city on the Silk Road was Samarkand, located where China's many routes met with the main route that would continue on towards Europe.

  8. Goods that Europeans brought to China to barter or sell included jade, wine, slaves, animals, tableware, wool, and Mediterranean-colored glass.

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silk road fact data chart about Pooping shows a geographical trend we might call it the poop
Pooping shows a geographical trend we might call it the poop road, much like silk road

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Traders often used camels to carry their goods while on the land portion of the Silk Road.

Some believe that the Black Death that devastated parts of Europe may have been brought by traders on the Silk Road, resulting in the deaths of a large percentage of Europe's population.

Some of the traders who traveled the Silk Road did not travel the entire route. They went from one city to the next and back home. The goods would be traded all along the route until they reached the far ends.

Silk was very light to carry and very valuable, often considered as valuable as gold. It was traded in its raw form, as dyed rolls, tapestries, clothing, carpets and as embroideries.

Spices were important on the Silk Road both for preserving food or masking the flavour of rotten food, and for trade in the West. Popular spices included cloves, pepper, cumin, mace, ginger, nutmeg, saffron, and cinnamon.

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At one point a website called the Silk Road harbored the illegal trade of items with bitcoin but it was closed down.

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Samarkand was famous for its craftsmen, astronomers, poets, and for its aqueduct that provided water for 200,000 people.

The Silk Road founder was arrested after federal agents got access to incriminating evidence on his laptop without his cooperation by copying data from its flash drive after distracting him. In response to this, a "kill switch" software was developed to quickly destroy all evidence on a computer

The FBI owns roughly 1.5% of the world's bitcoins due to seizure of the online marketplace the Silk Road.

The depiction of Japan’s wind god has its origins in exchanges along the Silk Road: Boreas, the Greek wind god became the Greco-Buddhist, Wardo, who became a Chinese wind deity, who became Fujin in Japan. The wind god kept its symbol, the windbag, & his disheveled look throughout the exchanges.

The founder of Silk Road, the infamous online illegal drug market, made over $184 million in commissions in the 21 months it was in operation.

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Toilet paper was invented by the Chinese and the first documented mention of it was in the 6th century CE, 400 years before paper was brought to Europe via the Silk Road

Silk Road has been the subject of academic study into the market place for drugs

Silk was not the only product traders carried by the Chinese on the Silk Road. Spices and porcelain and other goods were carried the 4000 mile route to barter or sell. Other items included perfume, gems, coral, ivory, furs, gunpowder, glass beads.

There is a railway called the Eurasian Land Bridge that runs between China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia that is sometimes referred to as the New Silk Road.

China is planning a railway track from Xi'an in Central China to Venice in Europe called "The New Silk Road", which connects to "The New Maritime Silk Road", ultimately forming a looping traderoute over three continents.

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The Great Wall of China was also used to block off the Silk Roads in order to collect taxes.

About the last log entry from Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road founder): "Need to eat well, get good sleep, and meditate, so that I can stay positive and productive". He was apprehended the next day.

Dread Pirate Roberts (Silk Road) was busted because he was asking questions on StackExchange forum.

Many of the large caravans that traveled the Silk Road were heavily guarded. These caravans were easy targets for bandits if unguarded.

The founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, commissioned at least 5 assassinations.

The FBI shut down the Silk Road online drug marketplace in 2013 and seizing 144,000 bitcoins which is now valued at approx 1 billion dollars.

Silk Road creator regrets making the site because his idea to give people more economic freedom morphed into an easy way to feed drug addictions.

Prior to the Silk Road being shut down it was believed to have accounted for as much as 5% of the bitcoin economy.

The silk road went all the way to Somalia looking for incense and became crucial for Yemen economy

The same federal agent is responsible for taking down both The Silk Road and Kickass Torrents

China has a One Belt, One Road Policy that looks to create a new Silk Road connecting it to Europe and Asia, to counter US Trade Deals.

A Silk Road drugs dealer who approximately made $170 million was arrested after he went to the USA and investigators found his fingerprints on DVD cases he used to ship drugs.

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, was an Eagle Scout.

The ancient Silk Road was not just one road but made up of many branches. One branch may have even reached the heights of Tibet

The story of Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road - How Ross went from an Eagle Scout to running a billion dollar underground drug market

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