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The "Blood Quran" a Quran that was written in the blood of Saddam Hussein. The book is a problem for Islamic scholars because they can't agree over what should be done with it. It's a sin to write the Quran in blood but it's also a sin to destroy copies of the Quran. They're stumped.

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Most scholars agree there has been a community of Jews in China since 960–1127

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  1. Virtually all scholars of antiquity agree that a historical Jesus existed.

  2. The UK and US have refused to recognize the Armenian Holocaust even though 1.5 million people died and almost every Genocide academic or scholar agrees it happened.

  3. Most scholars agree that Jesus existed, however, they are not in agreement about what the chap did with his life.

  4. There is a tremendous amount of debate about the Jumano people. Their location and culture and society is a hot topic among scholars who cannot seem to agree on what is true and what is not.

  5. Virtually all modern scholars agree that Jesus existed historically

  6. In 1982 the USSR stole technology from Canada to use in a trans Siberian pipeline. CIA sabotage the stolen tech and with a logic bomb created the worlds largest non nuclear explosion at 3 kiloton. Most scholars agree this was the straw that brought down the Soviet Union.

  7. Jesus wasn't actually born in 1AD - most scholars believe that Dionysius Exiguus, creator of the Anno Domini era, places Jesus' birth in 1BC. Additionally, this date is also believed to be wrong, and most scholars agree that Jesus' date of birth was likely between 6-4 BCE.

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