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Sam Kinison was killed when a drunk driver crossed the median and hit Sam's vehicle head on. According to a friend, he looked unharmed, then began speaking to no one, saying "I don't want die." Then, "But why?" And finally, "Okay, okay, okay."

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As comedian Sam Kinison lay dying from injuries sustained from a drunk driver he began saying, to no one in particular, "I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die." He paused as if listening, then said,"But why?" He paused once more, saying, "Okay, okay, okay," and peacefully passing away.

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  1. After being pulled from his car after having a serious accident, Sam Kinison had a conversation with a person nobody else could see, saying "I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.", he paused, then asked "But why?". After another pause, his friend heard him clearly say: "Okay, okay, okay."

  2. The curse of Atuk, which is an unfilmed screenplay. John Belushi was first offered the role of Atuk, when he died from a drug overdose. Then, Sam Kinison was offered the part, but died in a car crash. Finally, Chris Farley was offered the role, when he died of a drug overdose.

  3. The parts of Al and Peggy Bundy were originally offered to Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr.

  4. When Sam Kinison guest starred on Married with Children in 1989, he missed a day of shooting and apologized to the cast by sending belly dancers, getting lunch catered and giving them nightsticks as presents.

  5. John Candy, John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Sam Kinison were each attached to the same three roles when they died at early ages. Those roles are now thought of as cursed.

  6. Sam Kinison, a foul-mouthed standup comic with politically incorrect humour, was a Pentacostal preacher before starting his career in comedy

  7. A jealous girlfriend of Sam Kinison planted a loaded .38 gun in his luggage, something he discovered only when he got arrested at the Newark airport.

  8. There are three shelved movie projects that have been referred to as "cursed" because John Candy, John Belushi, Sam Kinison and Chris Farley were each attached to the same three roles, and they all died before they could make any of these films.

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Sam kinison that's why they call it a party?

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John Belushi, Chris Farley, Sam Kinison and John Candy all died of drug overdoses shortly after expressing interest in the lead role of "Atuk" a fish out of water comedy about an eskimo. The role is widely considered to be cursed.

Married with Children" creators originally pitched Sam Kinison as Al Bundy, and Roseanne Barr as Peggy. Also: Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer) auditioned for the lead role. - source

The roles of Al & Peggy Bundy on "Married with Children" were originally offered to Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr. Both comedians turned the roles down.

The original Married...with Children script was written for, and pitched to Fox starring Roseanne Barr as Peggy, and Sam Kinison as Al, but both stars declined to participate. - source

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Bobcat Goldthwaid is glad Sam Kinison's dead.

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Sam Kinison was hit by a car when he was a child and completely changed his personality

"Atuk". A unfinished film said to be cursed due to the untimely deaths of its four lead actors. These actors were John Belushi, Sam Kinison, John Candy, and Chris Farley.

Troy Pierson who killed Sam Kinison due to drink driving. Was sentenced to a year of probation, his license was suspended two years, and he was ordered to serve 300 hours of community service

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