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In 1996, Mary Tyler Moore offered a restaurant $1,000 to sell her a 65 year-old lobster so she could return it to the wild. Rush Limbaugh then offered $2,000 to eat the lobster. The restaurant denied both offers and kept the lobster as a mascot.

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Rush Limbaugh avoided the the Vietnam draft due to an anal cyst.

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  1. Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh flunked out of college and has been married 4 times.

  2. Rush Limbaugh was detained for prescription fraud when returning to the US with a bottle of Viagra that wasn't in his name

  3. In 2007, Fox News began airing "The Half Hour News Hour," which was intended as a conservative version of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," and featured a recurring sketch of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter playing the U.S. President and Vice President. The series was cancelled after 17 episodes.

  4. When Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson's symptoms in a political ad because he was able stay in the frame of a camera, Fox quipped "Given Rush, it's a challenge for him to remain in the picture"

  5. Rush Limbaugh did his own voice acting for his appearance on a Family Guy. Limbaugh and McFarlane have maintained a very cordial relationship ever since.

  6. Elton John, who runs a charity to fight AIDS, played the 2011 wedding of Rush Limbaugh, an AIDS denier, for a reduced rate of $1 million.

  7. Rush Limbaugh Won the Children's Book 'Author Of The Year' Award in 2014.

  8. Rush Limbaugh's grandfather lived to age 104 and was an American jurist, legislator, and ambassador whose legal career spanned nearly 80 years.

  9. Elton John sang at Rush Limbaughs wedding.

  10. Rush Limbaugh was hated just as much 20 years ago as he is now

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Rush Limbaugh writes time-travel historical fan fiction about America for Children. He's even won an award for it.

Rush Limbaugh was arrested on drug charges and admitted to being addicted to pain medication - source

Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh's 4th wedding - source

A woman was tipped $1000 by Rush Limbaugh, twice. To spite him, she donated it to an abortion charity.

The ACLU filed a brief in support of Rush Limbaugh when the state of Florida wanted to question his doctors relating to his prescription drug addiction - source

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According to a recent Pew Research Poll, The least trusted source of news in the US is Rush Limbaugh followed by Fox News.

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Sam Phillips, Jeremy Irons' brutal, mute lover in Die Hard III (1995), is the musician who scored "Gilmore Girls" and released several commercially successful pop albums that denounce Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Die Hard III was her sole acting role.

Rush Limbaugh writes children's books placing himself in American history

During Super Bowl XLVI, NBC cameras panned to Patriots owner Robert Kraft's luxury suite at the exact moment that guest Rush Limbaugh appeared to be picking his nose

Rush Limbaugh is an award-winning author of historical fiction for children

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