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After uncovering the ruins of Pompeii, researchers discovered ancient graffiti including phrases such as: "Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!"

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The Sator Square, a word square found in the ruins of pompeii containing a Latin palindrome. The five words carved into it, "ROTAS OPERA TENET AREPO SATOR", can be read top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, or right-to-left.

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  1. More than 2.6 million people visit Pompeii's ruins each year.

  2. The Lupanar ("Brothel"), the most famous brothel in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii, known for erotic paintings on its walls

  3. Cobalt was also found in use in the ruins of the ancient city Pompeii.

  4. Early archaeologists were so offended by all the dick and phallus sculptures at the ruins of Pompeii that they built a 'secret' museum and covered some frescoes back up.

  5. Archeologists have found a sizable amount of ancient graffiti in the ruins of Pompeii. These messages ranged from philosophical messages to, in one instance, the location marker of a particularly good sexual encounter.

  6. Lava reaches temperatures up to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit, and over 1,000 people in Pompeii were discovered in the ruins after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

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