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If the Moon was brought 21 times closer to the Earth it would break apart and give the Earth rings, due to what's known as the Roche Limit

how close is triton to neptune's roche limit?

The Moon will swing ever closer to Earth until it reaches a point 11,470 miles (18,470 kilometers) above our planet, a point termed the Roche limit. Reaching the Roche limit means that the gravity holding it [the Moon] together is weaker than the tidal forces acting to pull it apart.

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the roche limit is the point at which?

  1. The minimum distance of a planet to its orbiting satellite or moon before it disintegrates and create a planetary ring is called the Roche limit.

  2. Our planet earth had rings like Saturn but since those rings couldn't stay in the Roche limit of Earth they either collided on Earth and other ring materials formed the Moon!

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