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Doctors successfully silenced the genes that make chickens to grow a beak, causing it to revert back to it's ancestral state: the snout of a dinosaur.

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The immortal jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii. This jellyfish is biologically immortal. After mating, it reverts back to its adolescent state and can go through this cycle indefinitely.

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  1. Pharaoh Akhenaten, who tried to establish a sun-god religion in Ancient Egypt and had references to the old one destroyed. After his death, Egypt reverted back and references to his reign were destroyed.

  2. There is a plant called the Skeleton Flower whose petals turn transparent when wet and then revert back to white when dry.

  3. The longest living animal in the world, the immortal jellyfish, (turritopsis nutricula jellyfish) has the unique ability to revert back to its premature state when exposed to stress or injury, meaning it is biologically immortal.

  4. There is a species of jellyfish called the Immortal Jellyfish. The Turritopsis dohrnii species of jellyfish matures, reproduces, then sinks the ocean floor and reverts back to polyp stage. Then begins the maturing process an infinite number of times.

  5. In 2016 the SAT will revert back to the 1600 point scale, drop the essay requirement and does not deduct points for incorrect answers, as it has done in the past.

  6. About the 2038 problem. A technological glitch that after 03:14:07 UTC, January 19, 2038, clocks on various devices will revert back to December 13, 1901.

  7. Mickey Mouse's ears defy perspective. They're always round no matter what angle you're look at them from. A brief redesign in the 40's fixed this, which can be seen in the animated short "The Little Whirlwind", but Disney quickly reverted back to the perspective-defying style afterwards.

  8. In 1901 the town of Sing Sing, NY changed its name to Ossining to avoid association with the prison. In 1970 New York renamed Sing Sing to the Ossining Correctional Facility to associate it to the renamed town. In 1985 the prison name was reverted to back Sing Sing.

  9. Scooby-Doo, initially named “Too Much,” was originally written to be a Great Dane but then changed to a sheepdog due to worries that he’d be too similar to Marmaduke. The initial character pitch was rejected and he was reverted back to a Great Dane.

  10. There is a jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii) that is immortal. After sexual maturity, it reverts back to it original form and starts the process over.

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New York was, for a short period of time, named New Orange (in honor of William III of Orange) after the Dutch capturing of the area in 1673. Around a year later, the Treaty of Westminster reverted the territory back to English control and the name was changed again to New York.

Upon death, Chameleons revert back to their neutral colors, usually ranging from dark browns to greys and black. - source

B&W film & TV created a higher percentage of people who dreamed in b&w. When film & TV became predominately colour, it reverted back to a higher percentage dreaming in colour again. (Article is 10 years old, so add 10 to all quoted ages). - source

Flamingos are only pink because their diet consists of shrimp, which turns them pink. If they stopped eating shrimp, they will revert back to their natural grey color.

There is a species of jellyfish that instead of dying is capable of reverting back to a juvenile stage of life. - source

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CyberGhost 6 Premium VPN with license key if somenone needs a VPN thats doesn't revert back to free after using an hour

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Turritopsis dohrnii", a type of jellyfish is capable of reverting back to early stage in life when life threatening situation arises -making it IMMORTAL.

The animal with the longest life span is the Turritopsis dohrnii (aka the immortal jellyfish) which is biologically immortal as it sexually matures and then reverts back to a sexually immature version of itself, essentially hitting a reset button on its growth.

There is a jellyfish that is biologically immortal. Every time it starts to age past its peak, it reverts back to an adolescent phase and restarts. They could theoretically live forever.

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There is a species of jellyfish that reverts back to the juvenile stage of life after it reproduces and basically restarts its life, rendering it 'immortal'. Because of this, populations are increasing incredibly fast.

Not all living things die of old age. Some creatures such as the Hydra have regenerative abilities that allow them to live indefinitely. Others, like the immortal jellyfish, can revert back to their pre-mature form, then become an adult again. Such organisms possess biological immortality.

If Thanos were to actually kill half of all humans, we would revert back to the world population of 1972.

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There is a type of jellyfish that can revert back to its sexually immature stage when threatened, then grow back to its mature stage later, essentially making the jellyfish immortal.

About Turritopsis nutricula, a jellyfish which is said to be the only species to live forever. After reproducing or being injured, it reverts back to its earliest stage of development, known as a polyp and then begins its life cycle anew to become a grown jellyfish again.

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