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The country north of Greece is still known internationally as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or FYROM because Greece objects to the use of the name 'Macedonia'. This debate has gone on since the 40's.

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The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia is now called The Republic of North Macedonia ending a 27 year dispute with Greece over the name

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  1. Sir Roger Moore was knighted for his 26 years of work with UNICEF. In that time he travelled to Ghana, Jamaica, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, the Republic of Macedonia, Philippines and Mexico to embiggen childrens lives.

  2. It is unlikely that Alexander the Great ever set foot in the territory of today's Republic of Macedonia, even though there is a Alexander the Great International Airport and Alexander the Great Highway in the country

  3. That, due to a dispute with Greece, Macedonia was admitted in the UN under the name "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

  4. Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia isn't populated my Macedonians and was named this way to support planned Soviet invasion into Greek Macedonia after WWII

  5. Nationalist Greeks are so offended by the existence of the Republic of Macedonia, the Greek Government will prevent Macedonia from joining NATO until they change their name.

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