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Sologamy or Self-marriage. Ceremonies take almost exactly the same form as a regular marriage. They include guests, cake, and a reception. The person can have a private moment in a room where they can express self-love with a mirror and a candle, though the use of the candle is not specified.

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The term Mafia came from a Sicilian-Arabic slang expression: “acting as a protector against the arrogance of the powerful". It arose during a time when Sicily was being invaded regularly, and small clans banded together to protect their members and take advantage of the mayhem.

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  1. In Hebrew the verb "To Be" ("hoveh", in present /"is being"/) has a form YeHuweh which is expressing a recurrent-passive future tense meaning something like "will-be-established regularly", so it is very concrete and this the Name used instead of the meaningless sound-series like "god".

  2. Spain does not have freedom of expression, and regularly arrests people for posting offensive jokes on Twitter

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