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The United States federal government still does not recognize the Armenian Genocide.

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Ottomans had plans to invade eastern Armenia and continue their genocide there in May 1918 however, thanks to the ferocious defence of 9.000 armenians, the invasion was repelled and Ottomans were forced to recognize Armenia as an independent nation.

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  1. Israel doesn't recognize the Armenian genocide

  2. The UK and US have refused to recognize the Armenian Holocaust even though 1.5 million people died and almost every Genocide academic or scholar agrees it happened.

  3. Mississippi is the only US state to not recognize the Armenian Genocide

  4. With Alabama officially recognizing it earlier this year (2019), Mississippi is the only US state to not recognize the Armenian Genocide.

  5. Only 43 states in the U.S. recognize the Armenian Genocide.

  6. Only 49/50 states recognize the Armenian Genocide. That one state is Mississippi. If Mississippi ever came to recognize it, it would bump up the amount of countries that recognize the Armenian Genocide from 31 to 32.

  7. In March of this year Alabama became the 49th U.S. state to recognize the Armenian Genocide, Mississippi has yet to do so

  8. Mississippi to this day is the only state which does not recognize the Armenian Genocide as a genocide.

  9. Mississippi is the only state in the United States that doesn't officially recognize the Armenian Genocide

  10. Unlike Germany with the Jews, Turkey never recognized and still denying the Armenian genocide

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The (relatively small) Turkish political party "Greens and the Left Party of the Future" announced in 2014 that they recognize the Armenian genocide.

Israel does not recognize the Armenian Genocide occurred. - source

Mark Geragos led a class action lawsuit against foreign insurance companies for policies issued during the Armenian Genocide. It settled for $38 million, but was overturned by the Federal Court, ruling that Armenians can't sue foreign companies since the U.S. doesn't recognize the genocide. - source

Mississippi is the only state to not officially recognize the Armenian genocide.

There are surprising and unexpected connections between the Basque and Armenian languages which are recognized by both Basque and Armenian scholars - source

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