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Actress Mercedes McCambridge who dubbed the voice of the demon in The Exorcist swallowed raw eggs, chain smoked and drank whiskey to make her voice harsh. She was bound to a chair during recordings and requested no credit for the film.

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In 1990, BBC’s Tomorrow’s World featured a white, sticky coating with astonishing heat-resisting properties, Starlite. In a demonstration, a raw egg painted with the stuff stayed raw in the heat of a blowtorch. The inventor died in 2011, having failed to strike a deal with any manufacturer.

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  1. Japanese anti-crime paintball was inspired by toll-booth attendants throwing raw eggs at toll-evaders that charged through without paying their tolls. While the police appreciated this effort to mark nonpayers, they felt it was inappropriate to use food for the purpose.

  2. A cooked egg has more digestible protein than a raw egg.

  3. By eating cooked eggs you absorb more protein than raw eggs. "raw egg would only provide 3 grams of digestible protein. Compared to eating a whole cooked egg, which contains almost 6 grams of protein."

  4. Chaya is often used for the preparation of lasagnas, pizzas, tortillas or dishes made of rice, beans and eggs. Large leaves are used for wrapping of food. Small quantities of raw chaya are not harmful for humans. Drink made of raw, blended leaves of chaya mixed with pineapple and orange juice is often consumed in Mexico.

  5. Physician Charles Blagden who stayed in a 260 degree room (127 Celsius) with a raw steak, some eggs and a dog. 15 minutes later, he walked out with the dog unharmed and with the steak and eggs cooked.

  6. The world record for most one arm push ups on a raw egg is 8.

  7. Doing one-arm push-ups on raw eggs is a measured record, and the record holder Darryl Learie did 8 of them.

  8. The Eggman from The Beatles "I Am The Walrus" was purportedly named for Eric Burdon from The Animals because of an orgy John Lennon had with him, where Eric would crack raw eggs on girls in the midst of sex. The truth, according to Burdon, is a bit more mundane.

  9. In the song "I Am the Walrus" by The Beatles, when John Lennon calls himself the "Eggman", he is actually referring to a story that was told to him by The Animals frontman Eric Burdon where a girl cracked an raw egg onto him during sex.

  10. About Starlite, a chemical that could keep an egg (coated in the material) raw, and cold enough to be picked up with a bare hand, even after five minutes of blowtorch attack. It would also prevent a blowtorch from damaging a human hand.

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To tell if an egg is raw or hard-cooked, spin it! If the egg spins easily, it is hard-cooked but if it wobbles, it is raw.

How to know if an egg is hard boiled. Try to spin an egg on its small end like a top. If a raw egg it will not spin and if hard boiled it WILL spin. - source

In some remote parts of Vietnam, family look for a place to bury their passed away by throwing raw egg on the ground. It it breaks, that’s where the deaths choose to rest. In this video, it took 4 tries to actually break the egg. Action starts 4:50 mins in the video. Nobody can explain why. - source

Eating raw eggs with sugar is a traditional Jewish cold remedy

It's a common practice to mix raw egg with beer - source

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Humans are more effective at digesting cooked eggs than raw

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The Real Reason You Shouldn't Eat Cake Batter - the FLOUR can make us sick too! All my life I thought it was raw eggs.

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