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The Chinese Landwind X7 was a car banned from sale, after 4 years of legal battles resulted in it being ruled to have copied unique design elements from the Range Rover Evoque, to which it looks almost identical, but at 1/4 of the price.

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There is a Chinese car manufacturer called Land Wind that produces an exact copy of the Range Rover Evoque

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  1. 5 custom made Range Rovers worth £630,000 were stolen during the shoot for the movie Spectre in Germany.

  2. Land Rover sells a model of Range Rover that comes pre-armored including plating and bullet proof glass straight from the factory. For your crime and spy needs... I guess.

  3. Tata Motor's Ratan Tata Was humiliated by Ford when offering Tata's passenger car division for acquisition in 1999. Tata Motors acquired Jaguar & Range Rover from Ford 8 years later.

  4. The original Range Rover was featured in an exhibition at the Louvre as an exemplary work of industrial design.

  5. Chinese companies make nearly exact copies of cars from around the world. BMWs and Audis, Smart Cars and Range Rovers. "Made in China".

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