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Anybody, dead or alive, travelling into France requires a passport. In 1974, The Egyptian government had to issue a passport to Pharaoh, Ramesses II to transport his body to France for restoration. Eerily, his body also received full military honours when it arrived at the Paris airport.

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Pharoah Ramesses II was issued an Egyptian passport 3,197 years after his death in 1984 for transportation to France due to preservation issues with his profession listed as "King (Deceased)". He was greeted as a king with full military honors

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  1. There was a group of raider colonies in ancient Egypt who terrorized the Mediterranian coast, that has gone relatively unidentified to this day. The are collectively known as the Sea Peoples, and according to Ramesses II, no one knew how to fight against them or could withstand them.

  2. The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II had at least 88 children and had 8 wives. At least 3 of his wives were his daughters and a fourth was either his daughter or his sister.

  3. In 1974 the mummy of Ramesses II, regarded as the greatest pharaoh, was send to Paris. He was given a passport on which his occupation was listed as ”King(deceased)” and was received with full military honours, on a red carpet, like any other visiting head of state.

  4. Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II had red hair

  5. Ramses II is also known by other similar names including Ramesses the Great, Ozymandias, and just as Rameses.

  6. Ramses II had a city built called Pi-Ramesses, meant to be the new capital city. It was powerful for a time but was eventually abandoned.

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Pharaoh Ramesses II had 8 wives and fathered over 100 children - source

Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II's 3,000-year-old mummy was issued a valid passport in 1974 in order to be able to fly to Paris for repairs - source

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When the mummy of Ramesses II was flown to Paris in 1974, he had to be issued with a passport stating his occupation as "King (deceased)"

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Pharao Ramesses II. was issued a valid egyptian passport over three millennia after his death. The passport was needed to transport him to Paris, where he is exhibited till this day.

Some Ancient Egyptian papyrus has evidence of the use of medical marijuana for hemorrhoids and eye soreness, one of the oldest references in history. Cannabis pollen was even found on the mummy of Ramesses II.

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