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Andy Warhol was shot and seriously wounded by a radical feminist, who spent only 3 years in prison for the crime.

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About Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist who founded SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) and attempted to assassinate Andy Warhol, going so far as to stalk him after her release from prison

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  1. The SCUM Manifesto is a radical feminist manifesto published in 1967. It argues that men have ruined the world, and that it is up to women to fix it. To achieve this goal, it suggests the formation of SCUM, an organization dedicated to overthrowing society and eliminating the male sex.

  2. Radical feminists tried to change "women" to "womyn" as an effort to not make women seem reliant on men

  3. In 1968, Valerie Solanas, radical feminist, shot and nearly killed Andy Warhol. Yet she did not stay imprisoned for long and continually stalked him. For the rest of his life, Warhol feared she would attack again. Yet she continued to be influential in radical feminism.

  4. A radical feminist who believed in "the elimination of all men" tried to murder Andy Warhol.

  5. "Lavender Menace" was the name of an informal group of lesbian radical feminists formed to protest the exclusion of lesbians and lesbian issues from the feminist movement

  6. Megalia: A radical feminist movement in South Korea.

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