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Several significant inventions predated the wheel by thousands of years: sewing needles, woven cloth, rope, basket weaving, boats and even the flute.

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The Gobekli Tepe, which predates Stonehenge by over 6,000 years, is a large monument built in the middle of nowhere. It predates the invention of known tools, cities/communities, and the written word.

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  1. The dental drill was invented 9000 years ago, predating the wheel by 3500 years.

  2. Number systems, such as tallies marked into clay or wood, predate the invention of writing (and the beginning of history) by over 35,000 years!

  3. The dental drill predates writing, civilisation, and even the invention of the wheel by thousands of years.

  4. The flushable toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper in 1596, but the word "crap" is a Middle English word that predates the invention of the toilet.

  5. The word for helicopter predates the invention of the helicopter itself

  6. Obstetric forceps were invented in the mid-1500s, when bloodletting was still a common medical practice. They predate the stethoscope and the germ theory of disease.

  7. Rock, Paper, Scissors was invented in ancient China and probably predates the invention of paper itself

  8. The Predator's clicking sound was invented and performed by Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime

  9. Ice Cube invented the phrase "Check yourself before you wreck yourself" back in 1992 in his The Predator album

  10. The first commercial fax machine service predates the invention of the telephone by 11 years.

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The idea of CCTV cameras predates the invention electronics and film. Would it not be an eligible plan, indeed, to employ the Camera Obscura of the Observatory, (which is not otherwise in use) to take a view of what is passing in the streets in town, and communicate the result.

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