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Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capital city in the US. It is also older than Plymouth, NYC, and Philadelphia

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After the 1995 eruption of the Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat, the capital Plymouth was permanently evacuated. It is still the de jure capital city of Montserrat, making it the only ghost town that serves as the capital of a political territory

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  1. The city of Plymouth, capital of the British Caribbean territory of Montserrat, was largely buried by a volcanic eruption in 1992. It is still the official capital, making it the only ghost town that serves as the capital of a political territory.

  2. Plymouth, the former capital of the Caribbean British territory Montserrat, was completely destroyed by a volcano eruption and the subsequent pyroclastic flow. In 1997.

  3. Plymouth, Monsterrat is the only ghost town which is the capital of a political territory

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