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Charles Barkley once tried to gain 20lbs by eating in an attempt to not be drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, saying he "didn't leave college for $75K." He was drafted by them anyways.

After a successful protest, a portion of a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets had to be re-played. In the intervening time, Eric Money was traded to the 76ers, and thus became the only NBA player to play for both teams in the same game.

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  1. Wilt Chamberlain, during his time playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in 1967, blocked a dunk attempt by Gus Johnson. Subsequently, Gus was taken off the court, having been blocked so hard that his shoulder was dislocated.

  2. I learned that while he was drafted into the NBA by the New Jersey Nets, Kyle Korver was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, basically, for a new copier.

  3. The Philadelphia 76ers' D-League team is called the 87ers.

  4. The 13 stars above the '7' in Philadelphia 76ers logo stand for the original 13 American colonies.

  5. The "Beat L.A.!" chant originated from Boston Celtics fans who are cheering on the Philadelphia 76ers to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1982 NBA Finals.

  6. The last NBA team to win a NBA championship without having at least one player play with Shaquielle O'Neal was the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers

  7. Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Lou Williams was almost robbed at gunpoint. The gunman recognized Williams, commended him for his work in the community, and Williams treated the man to a meal at McDonald's.

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