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A nurse wanted to know if her farts were contaminating equipment in the lab. The doctor and a microbiologist tested the hypothesis by having a colleague fart clothed then naked onto two Petri dishes. The conclusion was that clothing acts as a filter, but naked farts can cause contamination.

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Dexter Holland, the front man of Offspring, is a PhD student helping study how... microRNA sequences can help fight against HIV. And while he was a young grad student at USC, he came up with the phrase "gotta keep 'em separated" while waiting for two petri dishes to cool off.

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  1. In the early 1980s to prove his hypothesis that the bacterium H.pylori causes ulcer in the stomach, researcher Barry Marshall drank a petri dish containing cultured H.pylori. He received the 2005 Nobel Prize for this work.

  2. Scientists have farted onto Petri dishes to see if farting can contaminate an operating theater.

  3. Penicillin was formally discovered when Alexander Fleming did not tidy up some petri dishes filled with bacteria before going on vacation. A penicillin spore then spontaneously landed in a petri dish and caused enough damage to the bacteria for Fleming to notice this when he came back.

  4. A group of small worms in a petri dish encased in aluminum survived the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and impact with the ground. They were found over two months later still alive.

  5. Farts contain bacteria but will only grow in a Petri dish when the person is naked, suggesting that clothes act as a filter for the bacteria.

  6. When grown as single cells in a petri dish, heart cells are able to beat on their own. Small, cellular connections between all of the heart's cells allows them to synchronize the beat.

  7. He had been studying the different properties of a strain of staphylococcus bacteria, but allowed mold to grow in the petri dish where a sample was stored due to these lab conditions.

  8. Penicillin was discovered accidentally after scientist Alexander Fleming left a window open allowing mold to grow on a contaminated Petri dish.

  9. Hundreds of worms flown aboard Space Shuttle Columbia for scientific experiments during the fatal STS-107 mission survived the catastrophic reentry and impact with the ground. They were carried in petri dishes, enclosed in six canisters that escaped the disintegration of the shuttle.

  10. Every year at the World Cell Race, scientists race biological cells in Petri dishes.

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A group of small (1 mm) adult Caenorhabditis elegans worms, living in petri dishes enclosed in aluminum canisters, survived reentry and impact with the ground and were recovered weeks after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003, found alive on April 28 of the same year.

Beating Heart Tissue Can Be Grown In A Petri Dish - source

A group of Caenorhabditis elegans worms, living in enclosed petri dishes, survived the disastrous reentry of Space Shuttle Columbia and the following impact with the ground and were recovered weeks after the tragedy happened in 2003.

Darren Moore performed with a synthesizer called CellF that is controlled by a petri dish of live human neurons. The neurons were fed dopamine before the gig & went ballistic. The interaction with the drummer was very tight. The drum hits are processed into triggers & sent to the neurons. - source

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A group of small (1 mm) adult Caenorhabditis elegans worms, living in petri dishes enclosed in aluminum canisters, survived reentry and impact with the ground and were recovered weeks after the [Columbia Shuttle] disaster.

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Beefburgers can be grown in petri dishes

About the “snot bot” which is a drone with petri dish attachments that samples whale breath and snot to study what makes a healthy whale, and what happens when a whale gets sick.

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