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The holiday suicide myth supports misinformation about suicide that might ultimately hamper prevention efforts. The idea that suicide rates increase during the holiday season is a myth perpetuated by the media. In fact, suicide rates are the lowest in December.

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There isn't really a market for Rhino horn as an aphrodisiac and media spreading that myth actually curtails conservation efforts because it perpetuates the myth that wasn't even there in the first place, causing more demand

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  1. Lemmings committing mass suicide is a myth that was perpetuated by Disney knowingly

  2. Disney perpetuated the myth that lemmings commit suicide by importing lemmings, throwing them into a river, and letting them drown.

  3. Lemmings don't actually jump off cliffs in mass suicide. An old Disney documentary faked the behavior and perpetuated the myth.

  4. The 101st Airborne was not actually the first division to reach Hitler's Eagle's Nest, and that Stephen E Ambrose mistakenly perpetuated the myth that they were in Band of Brothers

  5. Disney perpetuated the myth that lemmings commit suicide by importing lemmings, throwing them into a river, and letting them drown.

  6. The belief that when JFK said "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" he actually said "I am a jelly donut" is wrong. The myth was perpetuated by a novel in the 80's and continued on through retellings of the stories by newspapers and other media outlets.

  7. America actually has a very low rate of lawsuits. The myth of “lawsuit happy Americans” and the associated shame is perpetuated by big corporations who are trying to make people feel reluctant to sue them for good reasons.

  8. The myth about lemmings committing suicide was perpetuated by Disney in 1958 who made a documentary about the animals and deliberately drove a herd of them off a cliff because it made "good television".

  9. The Korowai people have been reported to practice ritual cannibalism up to the present day. Recent reports suggest that certain clans have been coaxed into encouraging tourism by perpetuating the myth that it is still an active practice.

  10. M*A*S*H perpetuated a long standing myth that the Dr. that created the "blood bank" procedure died because he was denied access to a "whites only" hospital.

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Lemmings jumping off cliffs was a myth that was perpetuated by Disney filmmakers who manually ran a pack of lemmings off of a cliff to make for good television.

The 1958, Disney documentary ‘White Wilderness’ perpetuated the myth that lemmings commit mass suicide when the filmmakers threw them over the edge of a cliff and into a river. - source

Fenway Park in Boston was rumored to be the only stadium in MLB that featured a ground rule triple. This was a myth perpetuated by the Boston sports media for years, and has no basis in fact, but is often mentioned as one of Fenway's many quirks. - source

ABC News unwittingly perpetuated the Toyota acceleration scandal myth

In Disney's award-winning "documentary" titled "White Winter," the crew imported the wrong species of lemmings to Canada and then threw them off a cliff to simulate their suicides and perpetuate the myth thereof. - source

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Lemmings don't really commit mass suicide. Its a myth perpetuated by a Disney nature documentary.

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