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There is a subset of people that can function perfectly fine with less than 5 hours of sleep. They are early birds, night owls and short sleepers at the same time and do not need the assistance of coffee or mid-day naps to function. They are the Sleepless Elite.

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In 2013, when a 22-year-old pregnant Chinese woman thought she had to go to the restroom and stood over the squat toilet, she accidentally popped out a baby and ended up flushing it down. Firefighters performed an emergency “c-section” on the pipe and rescued the perfectly fine baby boy.

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  1. Flowers of elephant grass are arranged in the form of elongated seed-heads. Each seed-head consists of numerous spikelets that are surrounded with fine bristles. Seed-heads can be greenish, yellow or purple colored. Flowers of elephant head contain both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).

  2. Gluten intolerant people can eat sourdough bread and be perfectly fine.

  3. There's a psychological phenomenon called Negative Autoscopy whereby the person cannot see themselves reflected in a mirror, though others can see them perfectly fine

  4. About Dreamfields Pasta. The company claimed that the carbs in their pasta was "protected" and not absorbed, perfect for diabetics. They were sued after it was determined that it was just regular pasta and paid $10,000,000 fine. They still sell their product, minus the low carb claim.

  5. When tubas became a member of the orchestra they replaced the ophicleide. The ophicleide was perfectly fine as an instrument but clever marketing made the tuba sound more modern and it soon replaced the older ophicleide.

  6. Sean Connery once said on camera that slapping a woman was perfectly fine in his estimation.

  7. Vans cut up perfectly fine trainers/sneakers and then throw them in the bin so even the homeless cannot use them

  8. Roangutans build a new nest to sleep in every night, even if the previous one was perfectly fine.

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