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The kindness of the allied forces accidentally killed some Holocaust survivors. Upon being liberated, the soldiers brought food to the severely emaciated survivors. The problem is people who are that emaciated can't handle large amounts of food so quickly. It ended up killing them.

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Population density and political preference go hand in hand; people living in high density areas tend to vote liberal whereas people living in low density areas tend to vote conservative.

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  1. The phrase “bleeding heart liberal” was created to be an insult to people who were against lynching.

  2. In 1985, police engaged in a standoff with the black liberation group 'MOVE' at their home in Philadelphia. A massive firefight ensued in which the police used choppers to drop two C4 bombs on the roof. The fire destroyed 65 houses and 11 people died.

  3. Upon the Liberation of Nazi concentration camps, many gay people had to continue to serve their sentences and that it wasn't until the year 2000 that Homosexuals were officially recognised as victims of the Third Reich.

  4. Walmart is the third largest employer in the world. The first largest is the United States Department of Defense and the second largest is the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

  5. The Liberal Democrat Party in the UK lost a parliamentary seat in 1994 because someone else stood for the seat under the name "Literal Democrat", causing enough people to vote for him in error to cause the Liberal Democrats to lose the seat

  6. The North Korean People's Liberation Front smuggles Western media into North Korea and, in 2015, smuggled 800 copies of The Interview into the country.

  7. Unlike accounts of researchers whose ideas seem too radical for their day, Liber Abaci was well received among most of the educated people of Europe, and made a significant impression on education.

  8. The two most notable organizations that Jackson formed were the People United to Save Humanity (PUSH) (1971) and the Rainbow Coalition (1984). Both organizations advocated for liberal causes, such as more government housing, government funded job training, and the hiring of more minorities in the corporate world. The two organizations were merged in 1996 to form the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

  9. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge retained their UN seat until 1982, this was after the torture and genocide of an estimated 2-3 million people in their native Cambodia. Western forces refused to recognise the new Cambodian government becuase the country had been liberated by Vietnamese forces.

  10. 1.0034% of the US population in employed by the Department of Defence and 0.7212% by Walmart. Walmart's work force is the same as the People's Liberation Army of China, at 2.3million people

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people liberation fact data chart about 2016 Electorate. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative peo
2016 Electorate. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative people are almost non-existent in United States. Despite what Leftists believe, Right wingers do not really support free ma

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Brain studies show that people who are more politically conservative tend to be more sensitive to threatening stimuli and perception of disgust, while people who are more politically liberal tend to have a higher capacity to tolerate uncertainty and conflicts.

Peppa Pig was endorsed by the People's Liberation Army and Chinese weapons manufacturer Norinco, who have performed military formations composing of soldiers and tanks in the shape of the cartoon's signature character. - source

Bangladesh government always has claimed 3 million people were killed during liberation war in 1971. Children read the same number in their textbooks.But independent researchers find that between 300,000 to 500,000 died - source

In the US, more intelligent people tend to be more liberal or libertarian while in places like Brazil, more intelligent people tend to vote for more centrist parties.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a vocal critic of the Vietnam War, liberals, and capitalism, among other things. Before his assassination he began to organize a "Poor People's Campaign" which would march on Washington. He was targeted by the FBI, which sent him letters encouraging suicide. - source

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Walmart has the same number of employees as the Chinese People's Liberation Army

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The Plan of San Diego. Declaring the creation of a Liberating Army of Races and Peoples, the Plan of San Diego called for the recruitment of Mexican nationals, African Americans, indigenous Native Americans and Mexican Americans to rebel against the U.S.

In China, March 28 is Serfs Emancipation Day a holiday that celebrates how China liberated the people of Tibet from their oppressive theocratic government

As the Chinese Communists drew near to a victory in early 1949, there were fears that Hong Kong was going to be invaded. The British Government was determined to keep Hong Kong as a capitalist outpost and the People's Liberation Army were ordered to stop advancing at the border

Xu Qinxian, a former major general of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. As commander, he refused the order to use force against demonstrators in Beijing during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Xu was court-martialed, jailed for five years and expelled from the Communist Party of China.

Rudolf Vrba was one of the few people to escape from Auschwitz before the Allied forces could liberate it.

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There was an actual scientific study on viewers of The Colbert Report, and found that people thought Colbert is funny regardless of ideology, but conservatives thought he's pretending to be joking and meant what he said, while liberals thought Colbert was using satire and was not serious

About Bergen-Belsen POW and Concentration Camp and the mass number of people who were murdered there. I learned about the lost records for approximately 70,000 people, as the German SS troops destroyed their records days before the camp was liberated.

About the Bangladesh genocide of 1971, where over 3 million people were deceased in 8 stages. The US officially supported Pakistan in this genocide. Further leading to India & Pakistan fighting a war & India liberating Bangladesh.

China's People Liberation Army march during the regime of Chairman Mao was performed by the North Korean Army Chorus in both Mandarin Chinese and Korean

China's military is the People's Liberation Army. Its navy is the People's Liberation Army Navy. The navy's aviation branch is the People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force.

Conservative people are predisposed to fear and see a more "hostile", threatening world whereas liberals aren't and see a more benign and safe world. This explains why liberals and conservative people believe things the way they do on issues such as gun rights, religion, immigration, etc.

In 1985 the black liberation group Mobility Opportunities via Education (MOVE) was declared a terrorist organization by the Philadelphia Police. This ultimately led to a shootout with police and an aerial firebombing of MOVE headquarters. The bomb killed 11 people and destroyed 65 homes.

During the liberation of the concentration camp Belsen, the British violated the terms and conditions of a truce which lead to the mistreatment and punishment of people who were not actually responsible for the camps conditions or atrocities.

There is an islamic rebel group on the Philippines seeking autonomy for the Moro people called MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front)

People that perceive themselves unattractive are more likely to care about equality issues and hold liberal values. Self-perceived attractive people are less likely to care about equality, and more inclined to hold conservative values.

After the liberation of Nazi Germany, gay people that were sent to concentration camps were not acknowledged as victims of Nazi persecution, and some were forced to serve out their terms of imprisonment.

Incest and necrophilia 'should be legal' according to youth branch of Swedish Liberal People's Party

The Palestinian Liberation Organization admitted in 1977 that "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity." The statement lay waste to Arab propaganda before and after

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