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The most recycled material in the US is asphalt. "99% of all asphalt is recycled & used to fix/build roads...US taxpayers saved $2.2B in 2011 by using recycled materials to pave roads. 66.7M tons of reclaimed asphalt pavement & 1.2M tons of reclaimed asphalt shingles went into paving projects."

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The Mojave Desert phone booth, a phone booth 60 miles from paved roads that is now a conference number to talk to strangers who also call 760-733-9969

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  1. The Hoover damn contains enough concrete to pave a 16-foot-wide, 8-inch-thick road from San Francisco to New York City

  2. The first known instance of a railway was not in modern history - written references place it as early as 600BC. The Diolkos, a grooved road paved with hard limestone, was used to roll ships across the land, saving long transport times on goods and assisting in naval campaigns.

  3. A man, instructed by the “holy spirit”, spent 32 days answering more than 500 calls at the Mojave Phone Booth, located 8 miles from the nearest paved road and 15 from the nearest numbered highway. These calls included several from someone who ID themselves as "Sergeant Zeno from the Pentagon"

  4. The Soviets installed a MIG-15 jet fighter engine on a T-54 tank, the air pressure and extreme heat of the engine was used to detect and detonate mines under paved roads.

  5. At independence, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in the world with only 12km of paved roads and 22 university grads. Today Botswana has the highest per capita income in sub-Saharan Africa and on the same level as successful Eastern European countries

  6. In northern Maine there are 100 year old abandoned locomotives that sit mostly undisturbed, just as they were left, hours away from the nearest paved road

  7. Although there are paved roadways in the park much of it is not accessible by road or is only accessible by unpaved roads or trails which leaves much of the park untouched by modern amenities.

  8. Legally the term "highway" refers to any public road in the U.S. A highway doesn't have to be fast, it doesn't even have to be paved.

  9. Human remains from the 9/11 WTC disaster were in the debris used to pave roads and fill potholes.

  10. There are 66 miles of paved roads in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. There are also 155 miles of marked trails in the park.

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North Korea has only 724 km of paved roads, one-fourth of tiny Luxembourg which has 2,899 km

Niihau, "The Forbidden Isle," seventh largest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands, is off-limits and privately owned by the Robinson Family. The Native Hawaiian inhabitants use horses as their main form of transportation, have no telephones, paved roads, plumbing or running water. - source

There are no roads between settlements in Greenland, only within and around them. Only 60km of the roads are paved. All travel between settlements is by dog sled or skidoo. - source

Pig poop is being used to pave roads: hog manure is a less expensive material that is being used as asphalt binder.

Bicyclists started the movement that led to paving roads in the US and Europe, not drivers. - source

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Granite has been used for thousands of years, in outside and inside environments as building material, bridges, paving, monuments, granite slabs, tiles, countertops, and many other places. In addition, it may be used as crushed stone in road construction.

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A NYC neighborhood has a population of one person. Willets Point, Queens has no paved roads, sidewalks, or sewers. It is mostly auto repair shops and scrap yards, and has been called "post-apocalyptic" in appearance.

Only 2.83% of the roads in North Korea are paved (724 km / 25,554 km).

More than 100 years after the first (failed) attempt to drive a vehicle from Cape Town to Cairo, a complete, paved road between the two cities remains unfinished.

Only 65% of roads in the United States are paved. So of the 4,071,000 miles (6,552,000 km) of roads, 2,678,000 miles (4,310,000 km) are paved.

There are more French speakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo than there are in all of France. The DRC, while being the second largest country in Africa, only has 2% of their roads paved.

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19th century cyclists paved the way for modern motorists' roads

There was enough concrete used in the construction of the Hoover Dam (4,500,000 cubic yards) to pave a two lane road from Seattle to Miami.

The Adler-Krasnaya road, host to many of the events in the Sochi Olympics, cost $8.6 billion just to pave. Paving the road with fois gras instead would have cost less, at $88/kg.

California City is the little known 3rd largest city in the CA. Covering 80,000 acres of the Mojave Desert, the city is largely dominated by vast empty stretches of paved roads and grids intended for nonexistent residential blocks.

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The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America at 14,240 ft

North Korea only has about 450 miles of paved roads.

The streets of London were once paved in gold: fools gold. Martin Frobisher shipped over a thousand tons of fools gold from what's now Canada to London under the impression he was shipping gold ore. When it was later discovered it was no more than iron pyrite they used for road metalling.

There were only around 50 miles of paved roads when the US military arrived in Afghanistan in 2001. Horses we used by special force in several early operations. One allied militia utilized a calvary unit of 250 in the invasion of Bai Beche. This unit received air support from a B-52.

Donald Trump demanded all the roads around his New York City be paved with glittery "glassphalt", fueling its growth in popularity nationwide

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