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Avshalom Feinberg, an Israeli spy who helped the British defeat the Ottomans, was killed by Bedouins in the desert. His fate was unknown until after the 1967 Six-Day War when his remains were found under a palm tree that had grown from date seeds in his pocket to mark the spot where he lay.

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Stanley Kubrick hated to travel so much he filmed Full Metal Jacket in England. He had the palm trees flown in for the battle scene.

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  1. People will steal full-grown palm trees from public land (e.g., along the highway) in California, Texas, and elsewhere because palm trees can sell for upwards of $20,000 each

  2. Isokelekel; folk hero of Pohnpei who committed suicide by tying his penis to the top of a bent young palm tree, then releasing the tree, ripping off his penis and bleeding to death.

  3. There is a species of palm tree that can survive as far north as Canada. Windmill Palm.

  4. 53 million years ago, Antarctica was so warm that palm trees lived along its shores.

  5. 10 years ago Petra Němcová was caught in the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. She managed to hold onto a palm tree, for eight hours and sustained a broken pelvis and serious internal injuries while her then fiancé Simon Atlee drowned.

  6. Banded palm civet is active during the night (nocturnal animal). It sleeps during the day hidden inside the caves, holes in the trees and man-made objects.

  7. Triceratops was a herbivore. Its diet was based on ferns, cycads and various types of palm trees.

  8. Some of the exotic plants found in Khao Sok National Park include rafflesias (the world's largest flower), pitcher plants, lianas, dipterpcarp trees, bamboo, coconut palms, and buttress roots.

  9. There are more than 800 species of plants found in Virgin Islands National Park including coconut palms, seagrape trees, and mangroves.

  10. Crested caracara builds large nests made of sticks and vines in the trees (usually palm trees) or on the ground. Female lays 2 to 3 eggs that hatch after 27 to 33 days. Both parents participate in the incubation of eggs.

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Female lays 3 to 45 eggs inside tree holes, rolled palm leaves or in the abandoned nests of various birds. Male guards the eggs and keeps them moist until they hatch 17 to 26 days later. He also protects his offspring from the predators few days after hatching, while they are still small and vulnerable.

Palm trees are actually a really big type of grass - source

Banded palm civet is ground-dwelling creature, but it climbs on the trees with ease to find food and avoid predators.

On Mt. Goda there is vegetation growing that is rare for the Djibouti region. Here wild olive trees, acacias, and giant juniper trees can be found growing. The rest of Djibouti's land has mostly typical desert vegetation such as palm trees and thorn scrubs.

Pregnancy lasts between 32 and 64 days and ends with 1 or 2 babies that are blind, deaf and helpless at birth. Banded palm civets learn to walk at the age of 18 days and to climb on the trees at the age of 4 weeks. After nursing period of 70 days, banded palm civets are able to find food on their own.

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Florida's state tree, the Sabal Palm, is actually a grass.

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Asian palm civet spends part of its life on the ground and other part on the trees. It uses anal glands to mark its territory.

Some species of cycads look like palm trees, while others look like ferns at the first glance. Despite similarities in morphology, cycads, palms and ferns are not genetically related.

Asian palm civet is an omnivore. Its diet is based on rodents, lizards, snakes, frogs, eggs, insects, fruit (mango, coffee, rambutan...) and sap from the flowers of palm tree.

Dubai constructed artificial islands called the Palm Islands. They are shaped like a palm tree, and required importing enough sand to fill the Empire State Building 2.5 times.

Palm trees can actually grow quite far north, if their habitat is moderated either warmer ocean waters or ample winter sunshine. Locales with native-grown palms include: Washington, DC; Seattle, WA; St. George, Utah; and portions of the British Isles.

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Tree sap extracted from the Senegal date palm before the flowering season is used for the manufacture of palm wine.

The famous palm trees in Los angels were first planted by 18th century Spanish missionaries.

Masked palm civet spends part of its life on the solid ground and other part on the trees (semi-arboreal animal).

Michael De Luca, Sylvester Stallone's former bodyguard, was shot to death by the police in 2013. He hit a palm tree on Surfside Drive and engaged in confrontation with responding officers. He claimed he had a handgun, prompting them to shoot. No gun was found.

Israeli researchers were able to grow a palm tree from a 2000-year-old seed. The tree is now a "father".

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A Food historian and archaeologist recreated recipes from hieroglyphs and descriptions in ancient Egyptian tombs and manuscripts, and adapted them for the contemporary table. It includes dishes such as Crocodile Date Loaf and Pickled Palm-Tree Pith

The memorial palm tree planted in 2004 for George Harrison of The Beatles died in 2014 due to an infestation of beetles.

Black-speckled palm viper is adapted to the life in the trees (arboreal creature). It has long prehensile tail which facilitates climbing and movement in the treetops.

The Corona Christmas Palm Tree commercial is called "Oh (O') Tannenpalm," and has been airing unchanged since 1990.

Vegetation on land includes rare cactus, as well as mangroves and palm trees.

African palm civet is active during the night. It rests in the holes in the trees or in between branches and vines during the day.

Tree of Heaven (aka Ghetto Palm) is the fastest growing tree in North America

The entire movie "Full Metal Jacket" was shot in London with palm trees flown in to make it look like Vietnam

In the lowland dipterocarp vegetation region is the tropical forest section of Kinabalu National Park and includes bamboos, palms, mango trees, rattan, hundreds of fern species, and more than 1000 orchid species.

The emblem of the Afrika Korps was a swastika superimposed over a palm tree.

Isokelekel a legendary ruler of Pohnpei, an island in Micronesia committed suicide by tying his penis to a bent palm tree and letting and then letting it go.

Brussel sprouts grow on palm tree shaped plants coated with tiny cabbages

Palmdale California was named so because the settlers were told that they would see palm trees when they were near the ocean but mistook the local Joshua Trees for Palm Trees.

Methuselah, the seed of a date palm tree that sprouted after nearly 2000 years of dormancy. The last owners of the seed were Hebrew zealots in 73 CE.

In the 2010 Reykjavík City Council election, the "Best Party" won, promising in their "best manifesto": a polar bear for the city's zoo, a Disneyland at Reykjavík Airport, palm trees on the waterfront, and free towels at swimming pools

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