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Overtoun Bridge in Scotland, also known as the "Bridge of Death", from which dogs keep jumping to their death - from the same spot, on the same side of the bridge, and almost exclusively on clear days.

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Overtoun Bridge in Scotland is known as a dog suicide bridge as over 600 dogs have unexpectedly leapt from the spot to their deaths. Including 50 since the 1950s.

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  1. The Overtoun Bridge, a site of common dog suicide. Dogs have leaped off the bridge at a rate of about 1 per year, some sources claim far more.

  2. Over the years more than 50 dogs jumped off the Overtoun bridge in Scotland and died - a circumstance that is responsible for it's nickname “dog suicide bridge.” Till this day the mistery could not be solved although there are a few theories.

  3. The Overtoun bridge in Scotland, where numerous dogs have jumped to their deaths over the years from the exact same spot.

  4. In scotland there is a bridge named 'Overtoun bridge' that is infamous for dogs jumping off it to their death, over 50 dogs have jumped to date.

  5. About Overtoun Bridge AKA: “dog suicide bridge” in Scotland that hundreds of dogs have inexplicably leapt to their death from.

  6. There is a bridge in Scotland called Overtoun Bridge, from which dogs have been known to leap to their deaths in apparent suicide attempts.

  7. There is a mysterious bridge in Overtoun, Scotland: every dog wanting to cross the bridge, stops halfway, jumps from it and dies. There are dogs that did not die from the fall and actually walked their way back to the bridge to jump over again. Oh, they all jump from the same side...

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