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In 1962 the US Government proposed Operation Northwoods, a plan to commit acts of 'false flag' terrorism on American soil, for which Cuba would be blamed, in an effort to gain public support for a US invasion of Cuba. The plan was rejected by the Kennedy Administration

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The U.S. false flag operation called Operation Northwoods, it was meant to justify war with Cuba by attacking our own country.

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  1. With Operation Northwoods, the CIA planned to commit genuine acts of terrorism in the U.S., including shootings and plane hijackings, that would be blamed on Cuba to help support a war against that nation.

  2. In 1962, the Department of Defense proposed staging a series of terrorist attacks in US cities in order to drum up public support for war with Cuba. It was rejected by President Kennedy. It was called, Operation Northwoods.

  3. You should never trust the government. Operation Northwoods was a plan created by the CIA and endorsed by the Joint Chiefs to commit various acts terrorism killing innocent Americans and blaming it on Cuba. All to just have a war with Cuba

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